Football is Here – Preview

It is one of the greatest times of the year. Summer is coming to an end and the best season of them all is about to start. Football season. It’s here and you should be excited, whether your team is the favorite to win the Super Bowl or you’re a sad soul who roots for the Browns.

Tomorrow (Thursday 9/7) the Patriots take on the Chiefs to start off the year and lets just say what we are all thinking. How much will the Patriots win by? As a Pats fan I’ll try not to be bias but this team might be one of the best teams assembled in a long time. They are the favorites to win the Super Bowl as they should be.

It appears, at least to me that the AFC is a three team fight but with one juggernaut waiting to steal some ones lunch money. In my opinion it is the Pats conference to lose and the only two teams I’d be worried about are the Raiders and the Steelers. Big Ben looks like a shell of himself but they have a top three RB and WR to help carry him to the playoffs. On the other hand you have the young gun Derek Carr who is coming back from injury with a new RB, Beast Mode himself Marshawn Lynch. If I’m the Patriots I’d only be worried about Oakland and I use the word “worried” very lightly.

The NFC however is more of a toss up. The three teams I like to win the NFC are the Packers, Seahawks and maybe a surprising choice after last year the Carolina Panthers. I do think the Panthers are the least likely team out of these three to make it to the Super Bowl but they’re my dark horse. I think they bounce back and come out the gate very hot. The Seahawks aren’t what they used to be but they are definitely a team to game plan for. None of that matters though because I am picking the Packers to come out NFC Champions and make it to the big game. I feel it is about time we see Brady v. Rodgers in the Super Bowl.

Two teams that you should look at for though: Ravens, always middle of the road record wise but always fighting to win the AFC North; Cowboys, even if Zekes suspension holds up and he’s gone until week eight the Cowboys are still a solid team led by Dak and Dez and should not be taken lightly.


My way to early Super Bowl prediction: NE 31 – GB 24

– Eddie Silver




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