Destiny 2: The Thorough Review

Let me just start off by saying that I was probably one of the biggest fans out there of the original Destiny. From day 1, the game had me hooked to the point that I cancelled almost all of my plans besides work for a week maybe more. I missed dates, and countless experiences to kill Oryx, or put and end to Aksis and his SIVA infestation, with my friends and clan mates. So needless to say, I was more than amped when it came to the release of Destiny 2, and all of it’s tweaks, improvements, and overall changes that we, the fans, were promised all up until the release.

Let’s get down to it. The core mechanics are pretty similar if not the same from the first game, with a few changes. One of the biggest changes was with the weapon system. Now instead of having a primary, secondary, heavy, you get a kinetic, and energy, and a power. Now most of the old secondary’s are now in the power weapon pool. Kinetic and energy pull weapons from the same pool, but energy weapons can have damage typing and kinetic just does kinetic damage and disregards typing. This is a blessing and a curse for fans of the first game, especially when it comes to the crucible, but I’ll get to that later on.

One of my favorite changes to the game is the new subclasses for each character, and the adjustments to old subclasses. For the titan, the void subclass, now called Sentinel, went from being my least favorite subclass, to easily one of my personal favorites. I mean it makes you a dark energy Captain America. Who wouldn’t want that?! The new DawnBreaker subclass for the warlock was a great substitution for the Sunsinger. Now you can roam and shoot solar blasts from your solar sword. Absolutely amazing range and power for your super. The arc staff for the Hunter’s arc subclass? Absolutely game changing. Between added range from the BladeDancer of the first game, and an added power attack that produces a arcwave that can kill added baddies makes the subclass more than worth using in PVP and PVE.

Now the story of this game, blows the story at launch of the first game. This time Bungie kept up their promises and gave us everything they said they were going to give us from the get go, and kutos to them for that because this story had everything a good story should in a game like this. To start at the beginning with a decent amount of power to getting put back to square one and forced to grind your way back to the top, makes for some killer feel good moments when you get fat loot to improve your power level, to the amazing satisfaction of taking down a huge onslaught of Cabal or Fallen or Hive whatever you are fighting on whatever planet you are on.

Which leads me to my next point, the environments you travel through are diverse and are some pretty sights. Aside from the lack luster waves in the ocean on Titan, you will see some beautiful structures and landmasses that you can traverse through. Almost anything you can see out, you can travel through. One of my biggest complaints about these areas is that some of them are too big and early on, when you don’t have your sparrow to ride, you will end up spending more time getting to an objective than clearing said objective. Now the devs tried helping you out by making fast travel locations, but those aren’t always available when you want them. If you don’t mind walking early on then take your time and pay attention to some of the little details in the area around you, it might just take you by surprise.

Alright so I’m ot going to toot my own horn here but in the original Destiny, I was pretty damn good at the pvp mode, The Crucible. Now Destiny 2, that would be a different story. Instead of the norm of 6v6 now it is 4v4, which doesn’t seem like it would make a huge difference right? Well I would beg to differ. It makes all the difference people. Early on it seems that some weapons are sticking out more than others but I’m sure their will be some patching and nerfing in the near future for that. Some of the new game modes like Countdown, are pretty nice and a change from the basic PVP game modes, and helps with a new feel to the crucible which will be for some and not for all let me tell you.

The Leviathan Raid: Unforgiving. The first raid activity of Destiny 2, for inexperienced raiders, might be the one of the tougher raids to date. Personally it has been one of my favorites. The puzzles are unique and really put your teams communication skills to the test. One little slip or mistake and have fun wiping and starting over. Visually it is by far my favorite, the white gold and purple color scheme really pops and makes it feel regal, which makes it that much more satisfying when you conquer it, step by step.

Overall, this game improves upon its predecessor, in more ways than it doesn’t. I am about 3 and a quarter days worth of play time in it so far and I have many more play times worth of days to put in, even before the first DLC comes out in December.The grinding is a hassle for some and a pleasure for others but at the end of the day that’s what Destiny is. The Clan system is rewarding for anyone involved in your clan and makes everyone feel included and it even helps with rallying the troops for a last minute strike, or trials of the nine run, or even a impromptu raid.

As a huge fan of the Destiny franchise, and what Bungie has made of personally one of my favorite concepts of a video game, I say that this game was long over due for us hardcore fans, but man did it deliver. The servers can be a huge pain, and will kick you during an activity for literally no reason at all, which for a gamer is up there with one of the most infuriating things that could happen. It’s probably one of the games biggest flaws if you ask me. After all is said and done, I give Destiny 2 a 9.25 out of 10.


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