The Boys Are Back In Town

If you’re still under the impression Oakland isn’t that great, I’m looking forward to when they play your team. Derek Carr is a god damn stud and he shows no signs of slowing down. This week we got to see defenses across the league set the record straight: defense wins championships. On the offensive side of the game Brady and company reminded us they were never gone, Matty Ice sent a similar message, and Pittsburgh got back to its scoring glory of last year. Let’s take a look at how week 2 went and what to expect in the weeks to come. 

HOU 13 @ CIN 9
I don’t think I’ll get this close on another prediction the rest of the season. If you didn’t see my post, I called this almost perfectly but I think I was a bit off on one part. The Texans actually have a chance to head to the playoffs. The defense is still formidable even though we’ve only seen them play particularly well against a really bad Bengals offense. But on the important downs, they get stops. I also have some faith in Watson. He started to get his movement and awareness going and his release time on his throws is getting there. I will say it now that if Watson continues this path and the defense stays healthy, they’ll have a good year. Cincinnati on the other hand needs a new head coach, and maybe it’s time to move on from Dalton. I’m not 100% sure on that yet, but he has to do something next week or they’re just done for the season in my opinion.

BUF 3 @ CAR 9

A lot less scoring than I anticipated in this one. I was expecting both offenses to put up numbers and instead both defenses surprised me. Carolina looks good this season and I expect they have a real playoff run in the works. With that said, that goes to show the Bills aren’t to be taken lightly. Yes, they lost this game, and yes they didn’t destroy the Jets the way Oakland did, but Buffalo has a good defense and an offense that has potential. Throw in the new head coach and they may surprise you as the season continues. I think Carolina won this game because of experience on the field and in the coaching staff.

CHI 7 @ TB 29

Seems I was pretty close on this one actually. I gave the bears too much credit though. The Bucs defense is mean this year and I know that’s a phrase you’re tired of reading but take a look around. Defenses all over the league are the makers and breakers of games. The Jets needed a defense to slow down Oakland. The Saints defense fell apart in both games. The Bengals defense is the only reason they aren’t losing games by 40-50 points. On top of that, the Tampa offense looks good too. Winston shows good awareness and accuracy and we all know Evans can catch almost anything you toss his way. The Bears are 0-2 because they’re the Bears and if you consider them a playoff threat, you need to put down the smart phone and find the nearest psych ward.

MIN 9 @ PIT 26

Call me a fool for supporting the Vikings but I expected Bradford to start. Now don’t say I’m hating on the Steelers. I know as well as anyone what that offense is capable of. They have an elite QB, arguably the top WR, and arguably the top RB. I’m a fan of the talent they possess and the plays they produce. I just thought they started off slow this year and needed time to heat up but congrats to them for proving me wrong. I still see the Vikings doing well when Bradford returns but as long as Keenum is under center they can’t get much done.

ARI 16 @ IND 13

I promised Arizona a win, and they got one. I said it would be a slaughter, and I was off on that. Firstly, I didn’t expect the Colts to start Brissett. Smart move. Didn’t save the game for them but he definitely played better than Scott. The Colts still have a lot of work to do if they’re going to be any sort of a contending team. But the Colts issues aside, I’m more concerned about Arizona. Seems the David Johnson injury isn’t their only setback. Palmer is nowhere near the player he was even a year ago. That in my opinion is even more detrimental. There are running backs all over the place and it’s not THAT hard to find a decent one to open up the pass game for your quarterback. No, there is no other David Johnson and he can’t be fully replaced. But you could at least adjust if you had a QB that could hold his own. Carson is out of his prime and if he doesn’t step it up soon, Arizona should be looking at prospects.

NE 36 @ NO 20

Tom Brady doesn’t go 0-2. He did it once, in 2001 and that was the end of it. It doesn’t matter who you put him against. If he loses week 1, he comes back with a furious vengeance none have been able to survive. The Chiefs didn’t just beat the Patriots last week, they manhandled them. They made the Patriots look like a team that can’t hang in the postseason. Brady was hearing one word going into this matchup in New Orleans: DESTROY. 3 TD’s, 447 yards, 0 INT’s, and only 9 passes went incomplete. The Saints struggled against Sam Bradford, and there was no way they could contain Brady. The Saints offense looked good as far as the passing game. Brees is Brees and continues to perform at high levels but the Saints running game was essentially deleted. A total of 16 carries for 78 yards, and no TD’s. New Orleans settled for 3 field goal tries and Lutz even missed one of them. Brees is going to need help on both sides of the ball if New Orleans wants any hope at a winning record this year.

CLE 10 @ BAL 24

Cleveland gave their fans slight hope of a comeback in this one but ultimately reverted to what they do best: disappointed the fans entirely. The Browns have been a joke, are a joke, and will continue to be a joke until they get some star players under an intelligent coach. I think ultimately the problem lies in the ownership. They’ve made horrendous decisions in terms of contracts and staffing left and right. The Browns are a lost cause for this year and years to come without any back office changes. The Ravens however, look good this year. They’ve played well overall and show a strong case to win a wild card spot. Notice I say wild card spot. The Ravens have looked good against the Bengals who have no offense and the always laughable Browns who have no anything. We will see the Ravens crumble before the year is done.

PHI 20 @ KC 27

Kareem fucking Hunt, man. This kid has a bright future. He is fast, he can break tackles, he’s versatile in the passing game, and he just makes shit happen. Kareem gets shit done. Props to the Eagles defense playing colossally better than New England’s did, but Philly couldn’t stop the Chiefs. They could only slow them down a bit. I said it last week, and I will say it again: The AFC West is stacked this year and those are the teams to beat. Except the Chargers apparently….

TEN 37 @ JAX 16

See? Jaguars excellent game 1 performance was a damn fluke against an injury plagued Houston. Jacksonville played the way I said they would: like dookie butter. So call your Florida relatives and tell them to root for Tampa because the Jags are as shit as expected. Tennessee fans have something to look forward to. The Titans played well and yes, it’s against the Jags but understand the Jags defense is actually decent. It’s their offense that can’t get anything done because they have Bortles. Yes, I’m blaming Bortles. You show me a team who has trouble scoring with a good QB. I’ll save you the trouble, there isn’t one. The Saints score. They lose because they have no defense. The Giants lose because Eli ain’t shit without OBJ. The Rams have a great defense, but they have Goff under center who had potential but can’t seem to get it down. If I’m the Jags, I get a better passer because the defense and the running game have made significant improvements. Titans fans will probably see their team get close to the playoffs but not necessarily get in. If they do, it’s a wild card spot.

NYJ 20 @ OAK 45

I’m as tired of writing that the Jets suck as much as you are tired of reading it but that doesn’t change the fact that they suck. The Raiders were basically at a scrimmage against little kids. New York is pathetic, they won’t make the playoffs, they won’t get good this year, and they don’t pose a threat to even half decent teams. I’m calling it now, the BEST the Jets can do is go 4-12. Oakland on the other hand looks damn good. Fantasy owners of Carr and/or Crabtree had a lot to be happy about. Luckily I started them both. They got me 47.20 points in a standard league. That’s more than half what my the other team scored. With Cooper there, and Lynch showing no signs of missing a beat in retirement, the Raiders are on a path of destruction. The AFC West is going to have the BEST divisional games this season. You can quote me on that.

MIA 19 @ LAC 17

Come on man, the Chargers looked solid in their loss to Denver. Miami has Cutler under center. Melvin Gordon is a beast. This was an upset in my opinion. I still believe the Dolphins will end up at best going 10-6. I will give credit where it’s due, they don’t look as bad as some other teams that I initially grouped them in with. That said, I feel bad for fans of Rivers. He’s a damn good QB and deserves a winning record and a strong fan base. Problem is the numbers don’t lie and LA is NOT at all supporting the Chargers and I think that’s enough to bring down the players. The Chargers will face an adjustment period before they perform at a playoff-worthy level.

DAL 17 @ DEN 42

I’m crying with you, Dallas. I’ve got no excuses, they just blew. Denver dominated both sides of the ball for all four quarters. Siemian is quickly moving up the ranks and I’m actually rather impressed with his performances. Another huge game with 231 yards and 4 TD’s. Yeah he threw a pick but it’s safe to say he made up for it big time. Anderson kept the ground game strong too with 118 yards and a rushing TD as well as catching one of Trevor’s four end zone throws. This Broncos team is hungry to put their names on top again. I’m telling you: AFC West is stacked.  The Cowboys didn’t play like themselves. They can do better and they will. Rough game, rough stadium to play in, but not the end of their season. Last year they took the #1 seed in the NFC and they will get to the postseason again this year.

SF 9 @ SEA 12

Well this was way closer than it should have been and I blame defense. Who knew the Niners even had one? I thought most of the good ones retired or left the team but I guess I don’t know everything. Seattle should’ve massacred San Fran. I’m having a legitimately hard time dealing with the fact that Wilson was held to 1 TD and carried the ball 12 times for 34 yards. I mean what happened to the Seattle passing game? There’s remnants there, sure, but more importantly where was the red zone running game??? Seattle’s defense continues to hold strong but the offense is going to cost them their shot at the Super Bowl. They’ll make a run for the game but they won’t get all the way playing like this.

WAS 27 @ LA 20

I got the 27 right I just pinned it to the wrong team. I’m going to assume Cousins heard me talk shit and decided LA had to pay at home to prove me wrong. He didn’t play that great actually, 179 yard and a TD isn’t bad but that’s only completing 18 of his 27 passes. The defense played alright holding the Rams to 20 points when realistically, they could’ve gotten more. Gurley took 16 carries for 88 yards and a TD and caught one as well. Kid looks like some fire is back in him. Goff missed 10 of his 25 passes and managed to toss a pick while he was at it. He’s got to do better if the Rams are going to be taken seriously. I like their defense and I see Gurley continuing to do well this year but Jared has to get his head in the game if they want to be talking postseason at all.

GB 23 @ ATL 34

I told you it was worth watching. Both QB’s brought numbers to their fantasy owners and showed off their elite skills. The running games and the defenses made the most difference. Atlanta’s defense didn’t allow much on the ground but Green Bay let both Freeman and Coleman barrel through them. Atlanta ran a clinic on good football out there. Hard to say there defense could use work on covering the pass when they went up against the future hall of gamer Rodgers. So say what you will about me entrusting the Packers to take a road win, but I’m more focused on the Falcons I expected to see Week 1. They have a chip on their shoulder and they are back for revenge from the Super Bowl.

DET 24 @ NYG 10

The Giants defense did all they could to withstand Detroit’s offense but like the Bengals, were let down by their own offense. Those dropped passes were hard to watch and I’m supposed to hate the Giants. It almost seems like the Jets and the Giants are in a drunken contest to prove who is the worst. Again the defenses in this game came up big otherwise the Lions would’ve had at least another two scores. They’ve certainly improved their running game over last year but that’s basically running the ball and gaining more than a yard per carry. Stanford was throwing dimes again and didn’t waste time in the pocket. If he felt the pressure or saw the coverage was tight, he scrambled and looked good doing it. Detroit looks to have a pretty good season with a postseason run very possible. The Giants will basically spend the year figuring out what to fix before next season and then probably won’t fix most of it. 

That wraps up the games this week. Thanks as always for reading. Don’t forget to like this post and share it with your friends and family. Follow our social media links, and come back before week 3 starts to see me do my Nostradamus thing. 


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