End of The “WIndians”

I want to add a disclaimer here, I am not a big baseball fan. To be honest it bores me. I’ve been paying attention to this win streak via Twitter though so allow me to stumble through this.

First I don’t care what anyone says the Indians have the longest win streak in MLB. I do not care about the 1916 New York Giants. Baseball stats before integration all have an asterisk next to them, if you don’t allow people to play your sport the sport is meaningless.

Now that half of you think i’m an idiot let me say I still don’t think the Indians win the World Series. Yes, they’re heating up at the perfect time but my pick to win it all are the Nationals. The Nationals are 4th in team batting and 11th in fielding. They also have two players in the Top 5 of NL batting average and three pitchers in the Top 5 of ERA.

Incoming hot take, I also think Bryce Harper could win MVP. He’s coming back from his knee injury so take that with a grain of salt but i’m expecting him to come back at 100%. He’s batting .326 with 29 HRs and 87 RBIs. Now there are a lot of qualified candidates this year in the NL but that’s why it’s called a “hot take”.





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