Hernandez had CTE

The least surprising news of all time just broke. It turns out former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez had CTE. If you don’t know who Hernandez is you must be living under a rock for two reasons. 1. He was an absolute electric factory at the TE position five or so years ago and 2. He killed a couple people.

I just assume most football players, especially in the NFL, have at least minor CTE at this point. The NFL claims its been getting safer but Hernandez last played in 2012 so this is a huge blow to the NFL and their fight against concussions. No one is sure whether he got CTE in the NFL or if he already had it but regardless it doesn’t help the NFL and Roger Goodells case.

There are some points i want to touch on, first being the more important one. Hernandez having CTE is not why nor does it excuse his murders. There are stories from when he was in high school and college of him being a bad guy. CTE DID NOT make him a murderer, I can’t stress that enough. You would think thats obvious but the internet, Twitter in this case, is a wild place. Just look at this idiot.

Secondly, I kind of already touched on this but no shit he had CTE. You know who else has CTE? Most other TEs or players in general. Football is not a safe sport and I’m happy there is more information out today so people can make an informed decision about playing. Now that is not me saying “ban football”. I’m not even saying make it safer, I’m saying you now know exactly what to expect if you play football at a high level.





PS. I’m looking over this article right now and i forgot to mention Hernandez is a 27 year old who had a 67 year old brain because of CTE, again bad look for the NFL.


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