Rise of the Rookie

The NFL is still feeling the ripple effects of the WTF wave that hit in week 3. The Bills are leading the AFC East. The Jaguars are leading the AFC South. Arizona struggled to beat San Francisco. All around the league the weird shit is real and the real shit is weird. Personal feelings aside, it’s making for an interesting year in football that could have playoff implications if it all stays on this path. In fact, if the playoffs started today, the Pats wouldn’t even have a wild card spot in the AFC. On top of all that, Deshaun Watson DOMINATES and earns the respect of football fans everywhere. Let’s take a look at how week 4 played out.

CHI 14 @ GB 35

Oh hey there Rodgers, nice to see you back. This week started off with a game that looked like a return to the normal. Rodgers tossed up 4 TD’s in a blowout home victory over the Bears who by all rights could’ve contended better. You can call me crazy for thinking this could’ve and should’ve been a close game but consider they had put in Trubisky early or even started him. We don’t know for sure if he would’ve played well but it’s a safe bet he would’ve done better than Glennon. Glennon threw 2 interceptions and fumbled twice meaning he was responsible for all 4 of Chicago’s turnovers. How many turnovers does it take before you realize you have the wrong guy under center? Mitchell should’ve made his rookie debut very early in this game and MAYBE the Bears would’ve kept it closer or possibly pulled a miraculous win. The Packers just manhandled the Bears defense and obviously the Green Bay defense had a field day with the Chicago offense. By Chicago offense, I mean Glennon. Note for week 5: START TRUBISKY.

NO 20 @ MIA 0

All of a sudden the Saints have a defense. We all know to expect nothing short of consistency and greatness from Drew Brees but the defense stepped up this week. Or did they just play a crap shoot offense? As much as I enjoy dumping on Cutler as the next guy, I’m a huge Ajayi fan and to see him held to just 46 yards on 12 carries is disheartening for me as a fantasy owner, but impresses me. Ajayi has speed, power, field vision, and all the makings of a great RB. If he gets shut down, it’s no wonder the Dolphins offense couldn’t get anything done. Cutler is dookie. Always has been dookie. We all knew he would continue to be dookie. He needs a running game to open up the pass so New Orleans took that away from him. Miamis defense tried to keep them in the game but they were up against one of the best in our time in Brees. You can’t ask them to win that game for you. Miami needs to drop Cutler and drop him quick.

BUG 23 @ ATL 17

I really shouldn’t be so surprised at this one. The Falcons have arguably looked weaker and slower than last season. It seems the Super Bowl loss is weighing down on them. Either that, or they just don’t have their hearts in it. The Bills have been fairly impressive this year especially beating a tough Denver team last week. But for fuck sake, they’re just the Bills! Atlanta should’ve had this in the bag and the fact that they lost it at home just shows me they have some mental clearing to do. They have the talent and the ability to be a dominant team again this season but have yet to really flaunt their stuff. Now I do have to send this next little message out to Buffalo fans everywhere: Enjoy first place while you can. It will not last. You will not get to the Super Bowl. You will not get to the AFC Championship. Your team is still ultimately going to disappoint you. You will never get past New England so long as Belichick is their head coach. So celebrate now because when it comes to the games that really count, you will be sent home.

PIT 26 @ BAL 9

Ravens fans booed their team because of protests but maybe they should boo them because they’re playing like shit. They couldn’t score more than single digits for the last two weeks in a row. Their defense has given up 70 points in the last two weeks. There is a dark cloud over Baltimore and it doesn’t look like it’s going to clear up anytime soon. The Ravens used to be strong contenders every season. I’m not sure what happened but they don’t look like themselves anymore. The Steelers were facing similar issues at the start of the season but if this game is any indication, they are back. Bell put in 2 TD’s, and Roethlisberger put in a TD and 216 yards. Pittsburgh is always a threat in the AFC and some people seem to forget they were just in the AFC Championship last season. Keep your eye on them. Baltimore may squeeze out a wild card spot but it won’t amount to anything.

CIN 31 @ CLE 7

Cincinnati fans must be overjoyed to see Andy Dalton throw some touchdowns and Bernard to actually gain some yards. Don’t get too excited. It was not only overdue, it was against the abysmal Browns team. Cleveland has not been in the playoff picture for how long? At least the Bengals can get there and choke in the first round. There’s not much to report on the Browns. They’re still just the Browns. Cleveland needs to take a look at Jacksonville and use whatever formula they used to start turning things around. The Bengals defense holds as it always does. Bengals fans better hope the offense uses this momentum to stay strong the rest of the season.

LA 35 @ DAL 30

Damn it, Dallas. All you had to do was play tough defense on Goff and Gurley. I specifically said those were the two things keeping them in games. The Rams managed just 2 touchdowns. All you had to do was keep them out of field goal range just a little bit more. Congrats to whoever has Zuerlein on their fantasy team. The Rams kicker put up 7 field goals. He was personally responsible for 21 of their 35 points. His longest kick being from 49 yards out shows me the Dallas defense was under the “bend don’t break” mentality but they bent too damn much. The Cowboys offense actually played well. Zeke ran for 85 yards and a touchdown, Prescott threw 3 touchdowns and 252 yards. Granted, Dak threw a pick but come on, that still would only account for one of the Rams scores. Dallas has a great offense. High powered, smart, fast. The defense needs work if they want the #1 seed in the NFC again.

TEN 14 @ HOU 57

Deshaun FUCKING Watson. The rookie QB was personally responsible for a total of 307 yards and 5 touchdowns in the obnoxious slaughter of Tennessee. Watson beat the Titans on his own but that wasn’t enough for the Texans. Enter Miller with 75 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown, 56 receiving yards, and he caught a touchdown to boot. I’d now like to take a moment of silence for my fantasy team because I sat Miller to play Ajayi this week. Donations are frowned upon but accepted regardless. Houston’s secondary looked insane and that front defensive line looks damn good as always. The Titans did not have a good day at all. Not only did they lose but it’s mostly because of the Mariota injury. I know he only threw for 96 yards and tossed two picks but he’s damn good and he ran 2 TD’s in on his own. How do you win against a tough defense with Cassel under center? Murray had a rough day too racking up only 31 yards but that’s what happens against Watt. Ultimately this game made a statement. Houston, you have your quarterback.

DET 14 @ MIN 7

I expected a higher score. Twenty points higher to be exact. For some reason neither quarterback could throw a touchdown pass. In fact, the score doesn’t show it, but both teams only got one touchdown each from their respective RB.  The only reason the Lions had 14 points was because they did a 2 point conversion and 2 field goals. I give credit to both defenses because it wasn’t like there was a shortage of yards gained by either offense but they didn’t give up scores easily. This was closer than expected and for reasons that weren’t expected. I expect more from the Vikings in the coming weeks when Bradford is finally healthy. Detroit has something going and they should stay on this path.

CAR 33 @ NE 30

New England clearly has some defensive work to do. The offense played well despite a few missed throws from Brady and coming up short on a few key third downs. Carolina’s offense looked better than they have all season but I attribute that to the lack of defense played by the Patriots. Yes, Butler was able to snag a pick off of Newton but that’s because he doubled up on Newton’s intended receiver and Newton carelessly threw before seeing he had a man wide open for an easy first down. It was a bad QB play and a smart read by Butler at best. The Panthers didn’t win this game. The Patriots defense lost. Plain and simple. Belichick has some work to put into some of these newer additions to the team if he wants New England to stay on top where they belong.

JAX 20 @ NYJ 23

I know I said earlier that the Jaguars are leading their division but keep in mind that division includes the Texans who are just starting their upward swing, the Titans who lost their QB this week, and the Colts who have basically no defense whatsoever. Call it bolt but the AFC South is the worst division in the league. Even with that in mind, I can’t believe the Jaguars actually lost to the Jets. The Jets are not good. They will not be good. They will not get to the playoffs. How in the hell did they get past the Jacksonville defense and maintain Bortles and Fournette? Bortles went 15 of 35. He completed less than half of his passes. Fournette put up 86 yards but it took him 24 carries to pull that off. Meanwhile the Jags defense was nothing to Powell who racked up 163 yards on the ground and punched in a touchdown. Again, the Jags bounce from doing really well to doing shit again. I’m done with you Jacksonville. You have no consistency therefore you suck.

SF 15 @ ARI 18

How Hoyer finished the game after his leg got turned into putty is beyond me but bravo, sir. Throwing for 234 yards would almost impress me but you couldn’t manage a touchdown and you tossed a pick too so you still suck. Carson Palmer on the other hand may have thrown an interception but he did manage a touchdown and 357 yards in the air. Finally Palmer looks a bit more like himself. The Cardinals rushing attack however continues to suffer the injury of David Johnson by managing only 52 yards this week against a defense that certainly isn’t top 10. In any case, this game was way too close for Arizona fans to get comfortable. You need Johnson back and your defense needs to do better. Arizona will not last long in the postseason if they even get there at this rate. The Niners just need to focus on draft picks and offseason trades.

PHI 26 @ LAC 24

Finally Rivers plays like himself and puts up a good game with 347 yards and 2 TD’s. Now that he gets his act together, his defense allows 214 rushing yards, and 242 passing yards. Poor Phil just can’t win even when he plays well. It’s a shame really. He’s certainly cemented himself as one of the elites to step foot on the field but his defense is failing him and he doesn’t belong in LA. The entire team doesn’t belong in LA. There were more Eagles fans than Chargers fans at this game in Los Angeles. The home crowd booed the Chargers and lost their minds for Philadelphia. The Chargers made a horrible decision moving and while I don’t think it necessarily hurts their actual ability on the field, it certainly isn’t helping either. Philly is bound for the playoffs. The Chargers probably won’t get in.

NYG 23 @ TB 25

You know, for once, this loss is not at all Eli Manning’s fault. He threw for 288 yards, 2 touchdowns, and he ran a touchdown in. The Giants defense did not hold when it needed to. Their defense was a staple of the organization and somehow, the roles got reversed and they are the ones that failed Manning this week. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t suck, but he showed up against the Bucs. Winston on the other side put up 332 yards and threw 3 touchdowns despite his fumble. Both teams suffered a fumble but that just shows that the Giants defense could not capitalize and contain the Tampa Bay offense. They didn’t slow the run game down and they sure as shit didn’t stop Winston in any capacity. The Giants are 0-4 and have tons of work to do before they’re postseason contenders. The Bucs however are 2-1 thanks to a week 1 storm but they look good all around.

OAK 10 @ DEN 16

Fucking A. The Raiders could have won this one despite the devastating loss of Carr. Manuel is not fantastic but the short play time he had, he used fairly well. He did throw a game losing interception but prior to that he actually made some good throws which surprised me a little. Props to the Raiders defense keeping the passing game down which has been Denver’s biggest weapon but they let CJ Anderson and Jamaal Charles run through them like a hot knife through butter. Ultimately this game came down to a war of the defenses and Denver’s is just really tough to beat. The AFC West continues to be the toughest and most entertaining division in the league. I look forward to the rematch of this game later this year.

IND 18 @ SEA 46

Man, I kind of feel bad for Brissett. I like the kid and I think he’s talented and has a future in this league as a starter for sure but his defense is missing in a big way. Seattle has struggled to score through the first 3 weeks but all of a sudden they blew up on the Colts defense this week. Wilson tossed in 2 TD’s to match his 2 INT’s, but the run game is what killed Indianapolis. Seattle rushed for a total of 194 yards and 2 TD’s. Disgusting performance by the Colts defense being manhandled and abused. Brissett didn’t play his best but he’s also in his second year and up against a defense that finally looked a bit more like themselves. They managed 2 defensive touchdowns off of an interception and a fumble. That’s the Legion of Boom. Seattle should ride this momentum all year.

WAS 20 @ KC 29

For a while there it looked like the Redskins defense has figured out how to shut down Smith and contain Hunt. I started to get a little nervous, admittedly. The Chiefs did not lose their touch and did not lose focus. When it came down to the wire, they made the plays they needed to make on both sides of the ball. Smith was held to one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown which is actually low for him this year. Cousins looked like a stud in the first half but faded out towards the end. Kansas City is the only undefeated team left and still on the path to the #1 seed in the AFC. 

As always, thanks for reading. Share my posts with your friends to spread my football wisdom. Make sure to follow all our social media on the home page and come back Thursday to see what week 5 will bring us. 



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