For Real?

Don’t come blaming me for you losing money this week. You and I both know I made damn good picks and experts agreed with me on almost every pick. This was the strangest week we have seen not just this year, but in a very long time. It is getting increasingly difficult to know what is coming next. This season is the season of “WTF” and I think it will make it for a very interesting postseason. For now, let’s take a look at what happened in Week 6.

PHI 28 @ CAR 23

This one isn’t what I consider one of the surprises. Philadelphia looks tough this year. They are 5-1 and leading the NFC East by 2 wins. In fact, their only loss came from the Kansas City Chiefs who are obviously the best team in the league so far this season (despite this week’s loss.) I did pick Carolina at home because they have looked strong the last few weeks but ultimately, I’m happy for Eagles fans and I’m a Carson Wentz fan personally so good for him too.

MIA 20 @ ATL 17

Who the fuck would take Jay Cutler and the goon squad Dolphins over the returning NFC Champions? Don’t you sit there and tell me “Well no shit the Dolphins won man, Atlanta blows leads.” Firstly, memes are hilarious but you are stupid. Secondly, the Dolphins are trash. Their defense is decent, but their offense is lead by JAY CUTLER. Read it again slowly if you didn’t get it the first time. Jay Cutler DOES NOT lead a team to the super bowl or even to a championship game of any kind or even to a divisional title. I don’t know what happened to the Falcons but they need to get their shit together yesterday and stop choking.

CHI 27 @ BAL 24

Man oh man, who saw this coming besides me? Chicago is not a great team by any stretch of the imagination but when you get behind the momentum of a great rookie QB like Trubisky, you play better overall. Trubisky was not phenomenal in this game. He only went 8/16 for 113 yards and a touchdown which isn’t something that screams franchise. However, the team believes in him and at least he played better than Glennon. Baltimore has work to do if they want to look even remotely like the team they used to be.

CLE 17 @ HOU 33

I mean what can I say? Did you expect anything different? We can always trust the Browns to blow more than my ex. Watson still looks like a stud and the Texans defense was basically practicing against high school players on the field. Fuck Cleveland.

GB 10 @ MIN 23

Figures. I name my article based on what should happen, I put up the picture of Aaron Rodgers, and he leaves with a broken collarbone. You and I both got fucked on this one. If it weren’t for Rodgers getting hurt, we can all agree that the Vikings would’ve suffered. Once Rodgers is healthy, the Packers will be playing at the level they should be. Until then, I hope Rodgers heals up properly.

DET 38 @ NO 52

Holy fucking shit this game was insane. 90 points combined by these two teams. 21 of which, came from the Saints defense. Three defensive touchdowns is absolutely unheard of. This game could’ve gone either way and I expected it to be a shootout which it ultimately became and Stafford just couldn’t stop throwing picks at the end. The pressure got to him and he crumbled. That cannot continue if the Lions want to compete.

NE 24 @ NYJ 17

I didn’t like the call either. I am an avid New England Patriots fan, I always have been since I knew what football was, and I always will be but man this game SHOULD have gone to OT. Now, there is video evidence that Jenkins lost possession but there is absolutely ZERO CONCLUSIVE video evidence of precisely WHEN he regained possession. The original call was a touchdown and I did not find enough evidence in the replay to overturn that call. It was technically handled by the book and I understand it, but I don’t agree with it. Regardless, after that play the Jets failed to put up more than a field goal because they got gassed and the Pats defense stepped up. The next time these two teams meet, it will not come down to one questionable call.

SF 24 @ WAS 26

To be honest, this turned out closer than I anticipated. I did not expect the Niners to put up this much of a fight. Beathard actually performed pretty damn well. 245 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception isn’t the worst we’ve seen. To be honest, it might be smart to bench Hoyer going forward. Cousins gave up an INT himself but he also put up 330 yards and 2 TD’s so I imagine Washington fans can let that slide. The Redskins are now 3-2 which normally they do worse so I’m impressed. I don’t necessarily expect a championship run but they are building.

TB 33 @ ARI 38

Oh fuck you AP. Who the hell knew he could pull out 134 yards and 2 TD’s on just 26 carries? Also, lets not avoid the fact that Winston went down with an injury was replaced by Fitzpatrick for fuck sake. Sure, Fitzpatrick threw 290 yards and 3 TD’s but he also gave up 2 INT’s. How surprising, right? Not at all. Arizona should not have won this game and if Winston did not exit, they wouldn’t have.

LA 27 @ JAX 17

I told you not to trust the Jags, man. They are legitimately on and off again. Every other week is a good week for them. This was an odd week so it didn’t go so well. Fournette played well with 130 yards and a touchdown on just 21 carries but Bortles threw a pick and fumbled twice. Ultimately the Rams defense held tight and their offense did what had to be done to win. Not surprised by this one.

PIT 19 @ KC 13

So the Steelers lose to Jacksonville 30-19 and somehow you expect me to know that they serve the Chiefs their first loss of the season on the road? Bullshit. Nobody picked Pittsburgh. This was just a bad game for the Chiefs and it is a temporary struggle that will be resolved going forward. Kansas City is not done dominating just yet. That comes in the playoffs when Andy Reid forgets what a clock is.

LAC 17 @ OAK 16

Man am I glad I sat Carr this week. I didn’t do much better with Smith but Smith didn’t throw two picks. I feel bad for Carr. He didn’t look like himself against the Chargers. Oakland needs to rally be hind him and dig deep if they want a chance at the playoffs this year. The Chargers seem to be on the rise. Granted, their other win came from the Giants but hey, the Giants turned around and beat the Broncos so, who knows? Maybe LA isn’t half bad.

NYG 23 @ DEN 10

I almost refuse to accept this game as a reality. What fucking planet do the trash Giants travel to Denver and walk away with a two score victory? Is this 2010? Either way I don’t regret picking the Broncos. Denver still has the better team overall in my opinion but it was just a bad game for them. Don’t expect this to be a trend.

IND 22 @ TEN 36

This was a hell of a game to watch but ultimately, when Mariota plays, the Titans are good. They NEED Mariota to be healthy in order to compete. He is not only the face and future of their franchise, he is their most valuable player. He can move in and out of the pocket effectively while maintaining accuracy in his throws. The Colts have a shot to not suck this year if they keep starting Brissett. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d bench Luck or try to trade him once he is healthy. Brissett has fit into this offense very well and is leading them to play versatile football. Give him this season as experience and see what he does next year.

Thanks as always for checking out my football talk. Leave a like and share the article with your friends and family. It means a lot to me that you take the time to read my work so when I see just how many of you stick with me every week, it means the world to me. Come back Thursday for my week 7 predictions where I might as well just ask Miss Cleo what the fuck is going to happen.


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