The Gruesome Start to the NBA Season 

When I planned on making this post I wanted to be happy and excited that my favorite sport was not only back but back early. Then the worst thing in sports happened. Not even six minutes into opening night Gordon Hayward appeared to have broken his left leg/ankle in just an awful FREAK accident. Turns out he dislocated his ankle and fractured his tibia but I’ve never seen someone’s ankle go in that direction. We’ve all seen injury’s like this (Kevin Ware, Paul George, Shaun Livingston) the difference in this one was Kevin Harlans commentary on it. This is the injury if you haven’t seen it and would like to. The entire stadium and everyone watching at home was in shock, Kyrie Irving seemed to be the most upset I would assume because he threw the pass that led to the injury. 

It was a close game until the injury then the Cavs pulled away to a 16 point half time lead. I’m not sure what Coach Stevens said to the Celtics at half time but they came out firing, out scoring the Cavs by 13 points in the second half and nearly pushing the game to OT. I’ve seen a lot of people write this Celtics team off, even the TNT Halftime show guys said the Celtics season was over, hell I thought it might be over too. After watching the fight Boston showed in the second half I’d say they’re still a top three seed in the East. 

Moving on to the second game of the night the Rockets won 122-121 after Kevin Durant was half a second too late on releasing the game winning shot (which he made). 

This is a bad loss for the Warriors only because they were up by 20 with nine minutes left in the third quarter and proceeded to allow the rockets to score 60 god damn points! Saying that, this game did not change my opinion on either team. The Warriors are still my pick to win the title and the Rockets are still a 3 or 4 seed that will probably have a second round exit from the playoffs because of the Chris Paul curse. Both great and exciting teams that I can’t wait to watch but my prediction remains unchanged. 

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