Fight For The Top

I think it’s fair to say that this season of the NFL has been overwhelmingly surprising and vastly stepping away from what most of us would consider the normal. I address this as a fan who loves the game of football and respects all the talent, athleticism, and strategy that goes into playing it. Sure, I’m a little bummed at how some of my fantasy draft picks ended up and some weeks my picks go the other way but as a fan of the game you have to love this season. Change is good and it generates excitement. That said, let’s do our best to tackle week 7 and the outcomes it will bring.


I’m as upset as Oakland fans. The Raiders looked phenomenal at the start of the season but have sort of dwindled since then. The defense isn’t as prominent as it was and the offense struggles to remain consistent against good teams. That is going to create a huge problem this week. They aren’t just playing a good team. They are going against a division rival that is arguably the strongest team in the entire AFC. The Chiefs did finally suffer their first loss at home against the Steelers last week but going undefeated is a pipe dream in the current state of the NFL. I think this ends up being a tough game that’s closer than expected, but ultimately the Chiefs take the road win, 31-24.


Had you asked me last season what I thought of this game, I’d tell you it’s a hands down Bucs road win but now I’m not so sure. When you take into consideration not just the records of these two teams but who they’ve beaten, you realize that the Bills aren’t a joke anymore. The Bucs were at least mildly contending but the Bills were laughable. I think ultimately this game comes down to who wants it more, and in my mind that’s Buffalo. Bills win at home, 17-13.


Man, do I feel bad for Trubisky. I like what I’ve seen from him so far and if he continues to grow I think he will do some great things in the future. It’s unfortunate that he’s currently on the Bears however because as an organization, they can’t seem to make all the gears work in tandem and get victories. Carolina has been on and off this season performance wise but I expect them to be on for this game. I’ll take the Panthers, 28-20.


Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic? The Titans will win this on the road 35-17 because the Browns don’t know their asses from their elbows. I’m not wasting anymore finger strength on typing about the Browns.


I am upset for you, Wisconsin. I hope Aaron Rodgers heals rapidly and properly. I have the utmost respect for him as a person and as a player and I expect he will return as good as new down the line. For now, I don’t think the Packers can withstand the Saints without him. I hate to say that one man makes all the difference for a team but the Green Bay defense is nothing to write home about and their run game is only good when Rodgers can fire off some passes and scare the secondary. On top of that, look at how the Saints defense played against the Lions. They scored three god damn touchdowns. With Rodgers on the field I’d take the Packers without question but in this case, I’ll take New Orleans 34-17.


The Colts are in dire need of some W’s under their belt especially in divisional matchups like this one. The Jaguars are tied for first in the AFC South with the Titans who just beat the Colts last week. Both teams need this win not just for the record, but for the momentum going forward. Now I am not a man of superstitious belief or thought but Jacksonville is great one week and they blow it the next. Sadly for Colts fans, this is their great week. I’m going to kick myself for this but I’ll take the Jaguars on the road, 28-24.


Where the fuck did Adrian Peterson come from? All of a sudden this guy has the magic in him again? I saw the memes about how the Cardinals had the best offensive lineup for like 5-6 years ago but they showed up last week. The Rams managed to get past the Jaguars and continue to show they’re actually a pretty good team for once. I was hoping things would get better for Arizona but I think last week was a fluke. I expect the Rams to withstand the storm and play solid defense at home. I’ll take LA, 20-17.


I’m still not accepting the Dolphins beating the Falcons as a reality. Jay Cutler owes his defense a metric fuck ton for that one. That said, the Jets managed to look impressive despite their loss against New England. Looking impressive against one of the worst defenses in football isn’t hard to pull off and they did fade out in the second half. Ultimately, I think the defenses are the winners here and I’ll put my dollar down on Miami. Dolphins win a tough fight at home, 17-14.


I think one of the biggest problems the Ravens face this year is the realization that they ain’t shit. It’s a slow and steady process to digest that you have some building and drafting to do. The Vikings however are looking good and man am I glad I picked up McKinnon. Look for high numbers from Keenum and depressed Baltimore faces in the crowd. Minnesota wins at home, 30-21.


The Cowboys are killing me. They have got to get it together and do whatever must be done to seal the W. They have the talent, they have the playbook, and they are capable of being a top team just like last year. The Niners are basically trash and won’t see an improvement for probably 2-3 seasons. This one is easy for me: Dallas wins on the road, 31-20.


If you’re a Bengals fan, go buy some kleenex. I know you’re going to throw at me how the Jaguars picked off Big Ben 5 times and slaughtered the Steelers but Pittsburgh just served the Chiefs their first loss and they did it in Kansas City. The Cincinnati defense will do it’s best but they will be let down by their offense. Steelers win, 27-20.


I don’t get how the Giants pulled off that victory in Mile High but damn it don’t be dumb enough to count the Broncos out just yet. The Chargers are struggling to execute efficiently on all sides of the ball and while they’ve shown some life recently, I don’t think it’s going to be enough against Denver. I’ll take a tough divisional fight that ends in a Broncos road win, 24-20.


If you just look at the records of these teams you think this is going to be a landslide. I’m here to tell you it won’t be that easy for the Seahawks to win. I’m not saying they will lose, because they won’t but it won’t be a blow out either. The Giants have struggled to get things going all year and finally last week they got it all to click but if you ask me, they have a fierce defense to battle this week and the Seahawks are going to do whatever it takes to avoid a 3-3 record. I’ll take Seattle on the road, 20-17.


Before you say, “Aren’t you just going to pick your Patriots because you like them?” or “Don’t you think the Jets could’ve won if that call wasn’t overturned?” or “The Falcons losing to Miami was a fluke.” let me simply handle those responses in order: Fuck you, nope, we’ll see. The Atlanta memes are FLOODING the internet because they can’t seem to maintain a lead for a full four quarters. You know who makes great comebacks? You know who came back from a 25 point deficit and won the god damn Super Bowl? The New England Patriots. You’re god damn right I’m picking the Pats at home, 31-28. It will not be pretty and yes it’ll be close but they’re going to win so just shut your ass.


I think the Eagles are vastly overlooked this year. No one seems to point out that they have the same record as Kansas City in arguably the tougher conference. I’ll say it now, they are heading to the playoffs and could even get a bye week if this keeps up. The Redskins have played somewhat impressively and at least have a winning record going into this game. They will leave with a 3-3. Philadelphia is too hot, too smart, too fast, and just too damn good to lose this divisional home game. Eagles win, 38-24.

Thanks as always for reading! Your continued support is appreciated just don’t cite me as a source when your bookie asks where your bets come from. If you know people that like football, share this page with your friends and family. Obviously you like football, so make sure to park your ass here on Tuesday so we can talk about what actually goes down this week.


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