Defense Wins Games

I did a hell of a lot better this week than last week, that’s for sure. Getting only 3 games wrong isn’t too bad. However, the games I did get wrong may not be as surprising as we think. Plus, this was a week of defenses stepping up and securing victories. Let’s take a look at the results of this week’s NFL action.

KC 30 @ OAK 31

I thoroughly expected the Chiefs to pull this one off and there’s a few reasons they didn’t. Firstly, the Raiders actually showed up and played on a very competitive level. Personally, I can understand extending the game for one last play because of a penalty but it seemed like Oakland got more chances than necessary to get into the end zone and win. Regardless, it was a hell of a game to watch. I don’t expect the Raiders to slow down.

TB 27 @ BUF 30

I don’t want the Bills to be this good but I can’t deny it. They played a hell of a game, made a 4th quarter comeback, and their defense has shown it doesn’t let up easy. The Bucs played tough but not enough. They have work to do if they want to be a contending team throughout the season and into the playoffs.

CAR 3 @ CHI 17

I honestly considered picking the Bears but refrained because it’s hard to trust their team to play well. That said, I will eat all the crow about their defense this week. They dominated Carolina’s offense and shut them down almost entirely. If I’m a Bears player, I’m riding this momentum as long as possible. The Panthers need to get their shit together in order to stay in the ranks for a postseason spot.

TEN 12 @ CLE 9

I am sick and tired of the Browns existing. They blow ass and this shouldn’t have been such a close game. The Titans played poorly and walked away with a victory because despite their performance, they were against the worst team in football. The Browns will maybe manage a win or two this season and the Titans have work to do going forward if they want to fight for their division.

NO 26 @ GB 17

Hundley’s numbers look abysmal. I don’t think he played horribly overall but his stats say I am wrong. 12/25 for only 87 yards and an interception. He managed to run in a touchdown but that doesn’t make up for 13 incompletions and a turnover. The Packers need Rodgers healthy to be on top but I think they could manage a wild card spot with Hundley under center if he improves. The Saints did what they do well and fired on all cylinders. Their defense has certainly turned things around and that’s a good sign for New Orleans fans.

JAX 27 @ IND 0

Even T.Y. Hilton knew the offensive line was absolute trash in this game. The Jaguars looked like a much better team than they actually are in this game because the Colts looked far worse than they should. Brissett is only one man and with basically no protection, it’s hard to get the job done. The Colts need to work on protecting the QB and giving him time. The Jags need to keep sipping whatever they are sipping because they have a winning formula.

ARI 0 @ LA 33

I told you the Cardinals offense was a fluke. Yes, Palmer getting injured is a big hit to the offense but Peterson only managed 21 yards on 11 carries averaging just 1.9 yards per cary. They royally blew this game in a huge way. The Rams were absolutely unstoppable in this game and they look like they are ready to head to the playoffs. I don’t think they could make it to the super bowl but they can try.

NYJ 28 @ MIA 31

The Jets are trash and will continue to be trash, just like I said last week. Miami isn’t necessarily amazing but they certainly aren’t garbage. The AFC East is starting to look like it might be in the talks for best division in the league. I know the AFC West was top dog without a doubt but the Broncos have dropped a few games and the Chargers despite their current winning streak are still unimpressive. The Jets have no hopes of the playoffs but the Dolphins are competing with Buffalo in my opinion.

BAL 16 @ MIN 24

The Ravens are not in good shape. The Vikings are quite the opposite and still maintain hope that they could take their division. If Baltimore doesn’t get their act together soon, I’m afraid the only thing they can look forward to is a high draft pick. Minnesota continues to impress and with rumors of Bridgewater’s return, things look even brighter going forward.

DAL 40 @ SF 10

The Niners are almost as bad as the Browns this year. They can’t do anything right and to give up 40 points is bad enough. I understand that part of it was because the Cowboys have found their groove but at the same time, they aren’t a super bowl ready team. They looked like one in this game but that just shows us how bad San Francisco is.

CIN 14 @ PIT 29

Did anyone else notice that horrendous throw from Dalton? The game on the line, fourth down, and this mother fucker throws it away out of bounds under pressure. That is just classic Andy Dalton. He crumbles under pressure every year in the first round of the playoffs and he crumbled in the 4th quarter against the Steelers. I’m no longer surprised at how awful the Bengals offense plays. The Steelers look as good as ever against a formidable Cincinnati defense. I expect that trend to continue.

DEN 0 @ LAC 21

I never would’ve guessed this was going to happen. I could’ve understood the case that the Chargers pull off a win somehow but not a shutout win. Denver played absolutely terrible football. There is no version of the NFL where they can contend while playing at that level. The Chargers are on a winning streak but I don’t think that can save their season. There is still a lot of football to be played and I can’t see them maintaining this streak long enough to get their record ahead of Oakland or Kansas City.

SEA 24 @ NYG 7

I mean I did say the Giants are absolute crap so you shouldn’t be surprised. Seattle did well defensively for sure but I find myself frustrated while watching their offense on the field. They make so many mistakes and they just can’t seem to make plays consistently. The Giants played exactly as expected and if you’re wondering what their postseason looks like, it’s a lot of couch sitting.

ATL 7 @ NE 23

First of all, Julio Jones trying to make the fog seem like it was in the Patriots favor is arguably the stupidest excuse I’ve ever heard for losing a game. The Falcons played like trash. The Patriots defense FINALLY got their shit in order and played very well containing a fast paced and high powered offense. Atlanta has plenty of work to do to get back to their glory from last season. The Patriots in my opinion are going to continue to improve and stay on top for the remainder of the season.


This was pretty predictable. The Eagles have the best record in the NFL and continue to impress me as the season rolls on. The Redskins have their fair share of highlight plays and hard fought victories but it just doesn’t cut it against a team that’s as top notch as Philadelphia is this year. I could see them heading to the NFC Championship game or even the Super Bowl depending on how long Aaron Rodgers is hurt. The Packers were my top pick for the NFC this year but with him down, it’s obviously the Eagles leading the charge.

There is clearly an interesting narrative developing around the league of one hit wonders and stellar defensive performances. All in all I think this year more than some others in recent years shows that the best offense, is truly a great defense. Thanks as always for reading. Don’t forget to like this article and share it with your friends. I appreciate the support a ton. Come back on Thursday for my week 8 predictions.


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