Oh, You Didn’t Know?

Another week is in the books. At the start of the season, I was thoroughly convinced the Patriots and the Packers would meet in the Super Bowl but now I am heavily leaning towards a Patriots and Eagles game instead. Philly is hot as hell and New England is getting their defensive groove back. There are plenty of game outcomes worth discussing this week so let’s get right to it.

MIA 0 @ BAL 40

What the actual fuck? I mean sure the Ravens are arguably the better team overall in recent years but this season they didn’t look so good. The Baltimore defense didn’t just step up, they shut the Dolphins down in a huge way. I hate to admit that this game surprised me a little bit but it did. It’s possible Baltimore is going to make a run for a wild card spot but I don’t see them in the AFC Championship game.

MIN 33 @ CLE 16

Browns blew it as always. What do you expect me to write? How damn good the Vikings played? It’s pretty hard to not play well against the worst team in the league. I don’t have much to cover on this game except I’m surprised the Vikings even let the Browns get to 16 points.

OAK 14 @ BUF 34

Oakland beat arguably the best team in the NFL last week and then couldn’t even keep the game close against the Bills? Are you kidding me? I’ll give credit where it is due that Buffalo played a great game all around and have been a truly formidable team this year. The Raiders have serious work to do if they want to be a contender. They looked like it to start off this season but have declined.

IND 23 @ CIN 24

This was close as hell and that was expected. I’m a little surprised to see Cincinnati pull out the win but I guess the Bengals defense is better than Indy’s so it makes sense. Both quarterbacks played good games and both teams fought for this one and you can see that in the score. I thoroughly expect the Colts to work on their defense and the Bengals to focus on fine tuning their rushing attack because Mixon getting 11 carries for only 18 yards isn’t just embarrassing, it’s absolutely unacceptable.

LAC 13 @ NE 21

I told you. Rivers is officially 0-7 versus Brady. The Chargers can’t get it done in Foxborough and that isn’t going to change for a few more years at least. The Patriots defense played fairly well but still have some more work to do. The offense struggled and you could certainly feel the loss of Edelman in this game. I also feel that this game highlighted how important James White and Chris Hogan are to this offense. The Chargers in my opinion are already out of the playoffs and I’m not concerned with them for the rest of this season.

CHI 12 @ NO 20

For the Bears defense to hold the Saints to 20 points after a week where they kept Cam Newton scoreless, is rather impressive. New Orleans is on a roll lately and I’m happy that they look like themselves now. Brees may not have managed to throw a TD in this game but he still moved the ball 299 yards which allowed for the Ingram and Kamara performances to shine. Chicago needs to make a few moves in the offseason to give Trubisky some weapons. Next year we may see a really solid Bears team. The Saints should find their way into the playoffs as usual and stand a moderate chance of heading to the bowl but I doubt it.

ATL 25 @ NYJ 20

Atlanta needs to get their shit together. The Jets aren’t the Browns sure but the Falcons should’ve won this game by more than 5. There’s not a New York team that should even come close to the Falcons. It’s bad enough they lost to the Bills earlier in the year but if they want to get back to dominating the NFC like they did last year, they have to do better. Beating the Jets by 5 doesn’t put you in the Super Bowl. The Jets have seemed to rally behind McCown and gain some sort of adrenaline rush. It’s adorable but it won’t matter. This is not their year.

SF 10 @ PHI 33

How about them Eagles? Consistently impressive. dominant, and fun to watch. I’m not rooting for them or anything but I can appreciate the level they are playing at and I certainly won’t be surprised if they head to the Super Bowl against the Patriots this year. The Niners are still winless but just made a huge move trading a second round draft pick for New England’s Jimmy Garoppolo. I don’t think a single player can save a team but we’ve seen Deshaun Watson make the Texans a threat so who knows. Philadelphia is the best team in the league right now and my money is on them taking the NFC’s #1 seed.

CAR 17 @ TB 3

Well fuck me. Carolina is legitimate again or the Bucs are trash. You could make the argument either way but it doesn’t really matter to me. Neither QB really stood out in this game, it was basically the Panthers defense that won the game. Which is to be expected, really. They are overall the better defense of the two and this season has showed us there’s not a massive difference in their offenses with the exception of McCaffrey. Carolina has a long road ahead but I don’t see them or the Bucs getting past the Eagles this year.

HOU 38 @ SEA 41

Absolutely the most exciting game of the week. Russell Wilson must have heard me talking shit and decided this was the week to put up some serious numbers. Watson almost matched him except he managed to throw 3 interceptions. I have to hand it to both of these offenses for looking like absolute beasts. I did expect the Seattle defense to not withstand the Houston onslaught entirely but I was surprised the Seahawks defense played as well as they did. I definitely look forward to seeing these teams in the playoffs. It’s almost a shame that they won’t meet again.

DAL 33 @ WAS 19

This shouldn’t shock anybody. The Cowboys are a solid team and the Redskins are certainly less than that. I thoroughly expect the Cowboys to battle their way into the playoffs and I would almost expect them to actually make it past one round of the payoffs. The Redskins if they can manage a wild card spot which is unlikely, will fall in Wild Card Weekend. I have no doubt.

PIT 20 @ DET 15

This one could’ve gone the other way and I would not be surprised. The Steelers are rolling right now and I expect they will present a challenge to the AFC in the post season. The Lions are struggling and the future doesn’t look fantastic if they don’t make any changes. Pittsburgh won this game mainly because their defense eliminated the Detroit rushing attack. Not that the Lions had a great rush game already but still, 48 yards on 16 carries is useless. Lions are done for this year in my opinion.

DEN 19 @ KC 29

The AFC West is no longer the best division in the league. The Chargers lost their winning streak proving it was partially a fluke, the Broncos clearly can’t put a win together, and the Raiders bit the dust against a team from the new best division in the NFL. Kansas City is looking better after this game against the Broncos but in my opinion the AFC East is now the dominant division. The Chiefs are still a powerful team with a lot of wins left in the tank. Denver is reaching a point of desperation from which they can’t return this year.

Thanks as always for reading my work. It means a lot to me if you share this post with your friends and family. Don’t forget to come back on Thursday for my week 9 predictions!



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