They Traded Who?

This past week was full of football stories and not just from the games but the trade deadline. The Pats gave Garoppolo to San Francisco and grabbed Hoyer back. The Eagles are the true winners of the trade deadline by getting Ajayi from Miami for a 4th round pick. Of course, the Browns had McCarron in a trade and then forgot to call it in by the deadline as only the Browns could do. With half the season over with, let’s take a look at what’s to come this week.


I’m going to cut right to the chase this week and I’ll start by saying I firmly believe the Bills are a top AFC team and the Jets are not. Now some are starting to believe the hype around the Jets and what they’ve accomplished so far this year but I’m not buying it. The Bills defense has played well, their offense is really starting to take shape, and both Taylor and McCoy have stepped into their respective roles and made some big improvements over last year. The Bills will take this game, 30-27.


This is a game the Falcons can not afford to lose. They are rapidly losing their legitimacy as the season rolls on. They look like a shell of the Falcons last season and they have to execute more if they want to get back on top. This game is critical for Atlanta to prove themselves as a top NFC team again. The Panthers are so up and down this year that I’m never quite sure but lately they look like they present a serious challenge for Atlanta. I will put my bet on the Falcons stepping up to the occasion on the road and securing a win, 24-17.


This is not a tough pick to make. I want to root for Brissett because I think he’s a solid young talent that has some kinks to work out to be part of the new generation of elites but his performance will not save the Colts. The Colts defense will not be able to withstand the likes of Deshaun Watson and his crew. Houston is going to have a field day with this game and the defense will contain Indy’s attack to a mediocre level. I’ll take a Texans home win, 35-24.


The Jaguars are proving they are not the team we are used to seeing. The Bengals are proving that they are incapable of consistently performing well. They have random sparks of good football and then they just fucking blow it big time shortly thereafter. I think this game comes down to the offenses outplaying the opposing defense and I have to say, I don’t see the Bengals holding up. The Jaguars win at home, 30-24.


I think this is going to be a pretty good match up. On one hand, you have the Bucs who have certainly struggled this year to pick up victories this year. On the other hand, you have the Saints whose defense certainly struggled to start off the season but has since shown massive improvements. Ultimately, this is going to be a showdown of offenses and I’ll be the first to say in Brees we trust. I pick the Saints at home, 27-14.


The Giants are trash. This game will not be much of a contest and no, I don’t believe their fluke victory over the Broncos proves anything except how poorly Denver is playing lately. The Rams are a very well-rounded team this year. Gurley is playing fantastically, Goff is not the worst thing to happen to the Rams and their defense is not to be taken lightly. The Giants however are laughable on all fronts and without OBJ, they just aren’t even remotely intimidating. Rams win on the road, 31-20.


It doesn’t matter that there’s a change at the quarterback position in Denver, they don’t stand a damn chance against the Eagles. Philadelphia has been firing on all cylinders and has not missed a beat. Wentz is going to fire holes into the defense with his eyes closed and with their versatile rushing attack of speed and power, the Broncos can only hope to maybe hold them to 120 yards on the ground. Eagles maintain their top of the league status with a 35-17 blowout at home.


I took the Ravens for granted. Their defense came up massive last week and put on a damn clinic. I have to say, the Titans have started to sort of fade out and this is going to be a tough game for both teams this week. I see the Ravens riding some momentum and taking a road win to stay in the playoff hunt, 20-16.


I really wish games like this didn’t have to happen. This is going to be hard to watch even for fans of either of these teams. If San Fran was smart enough to start Jimmy G than I would pick them to get their first win of the season but I think the Cardinals are going to pull this one out just because they have a better team overall. Arizona wins on the road in a low scoring and very boring game, 17-13.


It’s going to take a metric fuck ton of good luck for the Redskins to come out of this one. Sure, the Seattle defense couldn’t really handle the Texans but there’s no way in hell that Washington is as strong as Houston on offense. I’d apologize to Redskins fans but you know damn well this is a loss. Seahawks are on fire and will win at home, 30-20.


I really want to believe the Cowboys can pull this one off and there is a chance they could but it’s not a big enough chance that I’ll pick them this week. They are certainly a tough team overall but the Chiefs have proven this year they are a force to be reckoned with and I think this week we are going to see them continue to do what it takes to pull out the victory. Chiefs with a road win, 24-17.


Not a doubt in my mind that the Dolphins fuck this one up. They just gave up their star running back and their offense did absolutely nothing against Baltimore last week. The Raiders have dwindled massively since the start of the season with the exception of that big divisional win over KC but they certainly will put their best foot forward and come out on top. Raiders win, 28-21.


If the Lions can’t beat the Packers without Rodgers, I will lose all respect I have for them. The Packers defense has been a joke, their offensive line is seriously lacking, and without their franchise player they don’t have the offensive threats necessary to overcome the scores Stafford and company will put up. I will pick the Lions for this one, 34-19.

That wraps up week 9 for us. Thanks as always for reading! Don’t forget to share this post with anyone who loves football or does a weekly pick-em. Come back on Tuesday so we can recap what goes down this week! Oh and as a side note, I do appreciate the time it takes to read my work. I find myself to be long winded at times and I don’t always edit with major scrutiny because this isn’t my day job so I want to make sure I say thank you for your support and remember that I do this for all of us that love football.


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