The Good and the Bad

Immediately I have to defend myself and say I wrote my prediction before Deshaun Watson got injured. Now, if you doubted Ajayi’s impact in Philadelphia, allow me to say, “I told you so”. Not that it was needed for the victory this week. Then you have the failing Atlanta Falcons, the miserable offense of the Seahawks, and the goddamn let down that is the Buffalo Bills. Let’s dive into what happened this week.

BUF 21 @ NYJ 34

Leave it to Buffalo to fucking let me down when I start hyping them up. I understand a divisional rival knowing some of your tricks and routines but to let the Jets stomp you after you’ve been on a solid run is sad. I caution you not to think this game proves the Jets are anything above trash. Could they get a wildcard spot? If the Bills continue to dive then yeah, they could. But you and I both know they will NEVER get past the Pats.

ATL 17 @ CAR 20

Atlanta is barely going to get themselves into the playoffs at this point. Not to undermine the Panthers performance but for fuck sake, the Falcons went to the Super Bowl last year and it isn’t like they’re missing a bunch of their starting players. They’re just not executing whatsoever. The Panthers are scraping by and Newton had a decent game but you can’t rely on them to stay on the up and up. This was a dud of a game between two teams that we’ve come to expect more from.

IND 20 @ HOU 14

I’ll say it again, I wrote my prediction BEFORE Watson got hurt. Absolutely without Watson I would’ve picked the Colts and Brissett had a solid game as I said he would but I expected his defense to be destroyed by Watson. Without the injury, I would easily say Watson was heading for rookie of the year without a doubt. The Texans are screwed without him. The Colts have more work to do if they want to get into the postseason.

CIN 7 @ JAX 23

Well that’s it man. This year, the Jaguars are better than they have been in 10+ years. Cincinnati couldn’t handle them. Pittsburgh couldn’t handle them. Baltimore couldn’t handle them. Jacksonville is serious and they are neck and neck with the Titans for the top spot in the AFC South. Usually I’d say the Titans no question but I’m going to go bold and say the Jaguars actually make it to the playoffs and maybe even into the divisional round. The Bengals however will not get their shit together and top the Steelers for the AFC North. Especially not with AJ Green doing MMA tryouts in the middle of a game.

TB 10 @ NO 30

This was a predictable outcome. I’d like to see the Bucs do better because I appreciate the talent on their team but they are not utilizing it properly and this is why they are out of the playoffs. They have some moves to make in the offseason if they want to improve. The Saints however are finally starting to look like themselves from years past and I look forward to their fight with the Panthers for the top spot in the NFC South. Brees will lead his team to at LEAST a wild card spot but I don’t think they have the right squad to head to the big game this year.

LA 51 @ NYG 17

The Giants logo should just be a trash barrel. You’re a fucking sucker if you thought their win over Denver meant anything outside of Denver sucks now. New York is absolute trash. The Rams are HOT right now and they are leading the NFC West and I think their only real competition would be Seattle but if Seattle’s offense keeps playing the way they have been, Los Angeles is heading to the postseason and if they have to play the Seahawks in the first round, they’ll easily move to the divisional round.

DEN 23 @ PHI 51

Look at those damn Eagles, man. It’s going to be a shame watching them lose in the Super Bowl to the Patriots. For Philadelphia fans, at least. That’s right, you heard it hear first, not only is it going to be the Eagles and the Pats in the Super Bowl, but the Pats will win. Denver however will not make it to the playoffs at all. Looks like the No Fly Zone is the “sure, throw it wherever you want” zone.

BAL 20 @ TEN 23

I mean, I picked up the Ravens defense on my fantasy team so I somewhat gave them credit. It doesn’t matter that I dropped the Falcons defense to do it, right? This realistically could’ve gone either way but I’m ultimately glad it was the Titans who got the home win because somebody has to compete with Jacksonville and we know damn well the Colts won’t do it and the Texans just lost their star so it’s up to Tennessee to compete now.

ARI 20 @ SF 10

San Francisco is in the same category as the Browns now. Poor Jimmy G. They should’ve started him and they might’ve stood a chance. The Cardinals needed a win even if it was an easy one. I don’t think they can wiggle their way into the playoffs but at least they can know they aren’t the worst in their division.

WAS 17 @ SEA 14

You couldn’t convince me that the Redskins were going to win this game but I guess I gave too much credit to Seattle’s offense. Their defense played pretty damn well the whole game and all they needed was some scoring from the other side of the team. Seattle will shock me if they make it out of wild card weekend.

KC 17 @ DAL 28

Well look at you, Cowboys. Damn good performance on all sides of the ball. The Chiefs are not doing well since their 5-0 start. They looked like the best in the league but have since dropped 3 of their last 4 games. It isn’t fantastic news for me because Smith is my starter but I’ll adjust. I’m actually glad to see Dallas perform the way I hyped them up to at the beginning of the season. The Cowboys will fight tooth and nail with the Eagles and I can’t wait to see the Dallas offensive line do battle with the Eagles defensive line. This is the division to watch for the rest of the season.

OAK 27 @ MIA 24

Too close for comfort. The Raiders simply should not have struggled this much with Miami. I’m glad Oakland pulled out the win but they HAVE to do better if they’re going to compete. They’re creeping up on the Chiefs for first place and KC is struggling right now but that’s why the Raiders have to capitalize and grind out victory after victory. Miami is battling the Jets for last place in the AFC East which is not super surprising. The Dolphins could maybe get a wild card spot but let’s be realistic. Nobody in the AFC East is coming out of the divisional round except for the Patriots.

DET 30 @ GB 17

Let’s not act like Green Bay stood a chance. With Rodgers healthy, it’d be dominance but this was a cake walk for the Lions. Detroit probably could’ve sat a third of their starters and managed to win. It breaks my heart to say it but the Packers are basically trash for the rest of the year. This gives the Lions hope for a playoff run. 

As always, thanks for reading! Continue to share my posts with your friends and spread the football love. You can expect my predictions for week 10 on Thursday afternoon. See you then!



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