Put Me In Coach

So I broke basically even last week by getting 7 right and 6 wrong. I still don’t think the Jets have earned my respect and we all know the Texans were shit before Watson and are shit without him now. The season is more than half over now so let’s take a look ahead at week 10 as we race to the playoffs.


Seattle let me down in a big way last week. I can’t understand how they got beat by the Redskins. The Cardinals had a very easy game against the crap Niners. I don’t expect this to be an entertaining game which is kind of the theme of Thursday night football. However, I’m going to be a little bold and say this is a week that Seattle will somehow do better than expected and come out with a road win, 21-17.


Well this one is an easy pick for me. Buffalo couldn’t get it done against the Jets and the Saints are performing at a high level. I’ll take a Saints road win, 24-14.


I would’ve never thought this day would come. I would’ve bet my life savings it wasn’t possible but here it is: Chicago is winning this game. Rodgers is down, Trubisky is the best draft pick for Chicago in a number of years, and Chicago needs a victory to stay relevant. Bears win at home, 17-13.


Lions win at home 35-14. Don’t act like it matters.


The Colts won last week because Watson is down for the count. That isn’t the case with Pittsburgh. The Steelers are going to roll into Indianapolis and show they are still a tough AFC team fighting for a shot at the championship. Steelers win, 34-21.


The Chargers are basically trash this year. They had a 3 game streak of playing good football but those are their only 3 wins. The Jaguars on the other hand have racked up 5 wins and in each of their wins they have shown serious dominance over teams I certainly consider better than the Chargers this year. I pick the Jaguars at home, 28-17.


Fuck you New York. You get an easy game this week. You got away with one against Buffalo that you had no right winning, and now you get an easy win because the Bucs can’t seem to execute. Jets win on the road even though they don’t deserve it, 21-13.


The Bengals are devolving into a worse version of themselves as the season goes on. Just disappointment after disappointment. The Titans surprised me last week with a victory over the Ravens. The Titans offense is solid, their defense needs work but they have an easy game because the Bengals offense is basically shit. I’ll take the Titans in a low scoring game, 17-10.


Redskins fans will ride that win over Seattle right until the minute this game starts. That’s when reality should set in. I don’t think the Vikings are necessarily elite but they’ve not only got options at quarterback, their defense has proven it can step up when needed and this week I bet they will. I’ll take a Vikings road win, 31-21.


I feel the Texans pain right now. I am a huge fan of Watson because I always love when new and amazing talent hits the league. I would love to say this kid is winning rookie of the year and this game will be another example of why he deserves it, but with his injury it goes the other way. Los Angeles has played really well overall this year and Goff is on fire right now. The Rams defense will have a field day with the Texans lacking offense and Goff will find holes in the Houston secondary to exploit for four quarters. This is a Rams blowout, 35-10.


I’m glad to see the Cowboys play fantastically again. That offensive line is something else man. I know that’s the sort of sentence you expect from Jon Gruden and I appreciate the compliment. Atlanta on the other hand is in a dire situation. They are failing to perform week after week and last week was a must win scenario that they couldn’t get done. Now I have a sneaking suspicion that the Falcons somehow bounce back to give their fans false hope but I’m sticking to my guns. Dallas takes a road win, 34-21.


Why must we be forced to watch these kinds of games? It’s like if you took a bag of trash and threw it in slow motion at another bag of trash. However, there is clear distinction between the Giants and the Niners in that the Giants actually have a win. The Giants will win this game on the single condition that San Fran continues to bench Garoppolo. New York on the road, 21-13.


I will make this very simple for you. If the No Fly Zone was butchered last week by Carson Wentz you can bet your candy ass Tom Brady will throw a minimum of 3 touchdowns. Denver has sort of curled up in a sad ball of failure lately and they will suffer an awful home loss at the hands of the AFC’s consistently dominant force. Pats win on the road, 34-17.


Poor Dolphins fans. You’ve suffered enough over the last 10-15 years haven’t you? It was a good start but you’ve been suffering ever since. Carolina had it’s ups and downs for a while but they’re turning things around it seems. With that in mind, I’ll take a Panthers home win 27-14.

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