Don’t Upset Me

Week 10 was an interesting one. I apologize for not getting you a recap for it. Life gets in the ya sometimes. I am back this week and bringing you my crystal ball for week 11. Let’s go.


Man I don’t like that I have to do this but there’s no way I can pick the Titans. That’s not because they play poorly but more because the Steelers are too damn good right now. They are fighting with New England for the top seed in the AFC. Steelers win at home, 30-17.


I said it before and I’ll say it again: without Watson the Texans are doomed. That stays true this week. Arizona isn’t necessarily a scary NFC team but they certainly perform at a higher level than the Texans will. Cardinals win, 24-13.


Not wasting a bunch of your time on this one. Chiefs would literally have to want to lose this one. Kansas City wins, 42-17.


I know I put too much faith in the Bears last week but I refuse to make that mistake again. Detroit will demolish Chicago and it will not be Pretty. Lions win, 34-10.


Brett was able to work his way around the Bears defense but do they really compare at all to Baltimore? No way. I think this is a game of defenses that Green Bay will simply be outmatched. Ravens win, 27-17.


I don’t want to watch this. I don’t know anyone who does. That said, I think the Bucs can hit a bit of a streak here and take two in a row. Tampa Bay wins in Miami, 20-14.


I don’t want you to think I disrespect or disregard the Rams but they have to lose at least one or two more this year, right? This is a sort of surprise loss for them. The Vikings may not be as good overall as I thought earlier this season but they have some mojo left and I think they pull this one off. Vikings win in a fight to the end, 31-28.


No question in my mind the Saints will easily dispatch the Redskins. They are on fire and show zero signs of slowing down or stopping. Washington is slowly becoming a better team year after year but they aren’t on the same level as New Orleans yet. Saints win a blowout, 42-20.


Jaguars will dominate and violate the Browns for 60 minutes of brutal football. Jacksonville wins, 35-10.


Buffalo can not lose this game and remain relevant to the playoff talks. The Chargers are already out of the playoffs and they know it. The Bills want need this win and I think they get it, 24-20.


Both of these teams are a joke this year but I think the Broncos snap their losing streak at home against an offense that can’t hang and a defense that can only do so much. Broncos win, 17-14.


Man I keep feeling worse and worse for Raiders fans. The Patriots are going to do pretty much exactly what they did to Denver. New England is a dominant force which shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. Pats continue the winning streak, 34-16.


This is the best game of the week. No contest, no question, I am more excited for this than I am to watch my Pats. The Eagles defensive line versus the Dallas offensive line. Carson Wentz. Dak Prescott. This will be a highlight-filled battle that ultimately ends in an Eagles victory, 30-27.


I mean it could turn out to be a really cool game. The Falcons made quite the statement last week and we all know how the Seahawks offense has played this year so the safe bet in my book is an Atlanta victory, 28-13.

Read it and weep. Week 11 will be sure to entertain. The playoff picture is really starting to take shape so every single game counts as the season nears its end. Thanks as always for reading. Don’t forget to like and share this post with your football fanatic friends and family. Come back on Tuesday and I promise I’ll have a recap this week for you.


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