How The Hell…

You didn’t pick the Giants either. The Cowboys got turned into a pee wee team, the Redskins turned into the Falcons, and the Vikings shut Rams fans up. Week 11 has been interesting for sure so let’s take a quick look at each game’s outcome.

TEN 17 @ PIT 40

Pittsburgh brought the pain. This was a display of the team that’s going to meet New England in the AFC Championship. And the Titans were there too.

KC 9 @ NYG 12

No fucking way this was real. I can’t understand how the Chiefs served the Eagles their only loss and couldn’t manage even a touchdown against the Giants. I’m also trading Alex Smith, if you’re looking for a QB.

DET 27 @ CHI 24

Well I didn’t expect this game to be this close at all. I’m impressed just a bit by Chicago this year. Detroit continues to perform well and that’s what keeps them in the playoff conversation but barely beating the Bears is what keeps them out of the Super Bowl conversation.

JAX 19 @ CLE 7

If you expected a different outcome, head to your local neurologist for a scan.

WAS 31 @ NO 34

Washington almost had it but you just can’t count Drew Brees out until the game ends. Granted, he had a fuck ton of help from his defense and from Kamara but it was a hell of a comeback. Saints might find themselves in the NFC Championship against Philly at this rate.

BAL 23 @ GB 0

This was painful to see the Packers made to look like the Browns but it helped me out a ton because I started the Ravens defense. I told you the Packers are dead without Rodgers and you need no more proof than this game.

LA 7 @ MIN 24

That Vikings defense though. They look good again. The Rams got beat in every sense of the word. It’s a shame but I don’t think their season is over yet. I hope to see both teams in the playoffs.

ARI 21 @ HOU 31

I’m not quite sure how the Texans pulled it off but good for them. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it’s just the decline of Arizona as a prominent NFC team but I could be wrong. We’ll know for sure soon enough.

TB 30 @ MIA 20

Miami is trash. The Bucs are trash. This game didn’t make a lick of difference to the postseason or the fans of either team because even they know these two seasons are already over.

BUF 24 @ LAC 54

Jesus Christ this is quite the flip of the script. I thoroughly believed the Bills were the better team but then again, I assumed they’d start Taylor. Maybe they’d have won if they had. Poor coaching and a shit QB lost this game. The Chargers are doing whatever they can to stay in the fight for the AFC West which is now wide open.

CIN 20 @ DEN 17

If you had any hope left in Denver, let the Bengals victory cleanse you of that. Denver’s season is done. Over. The Bengals might make a wild card spot but they will choke and lose in the first round. I wish there was more competition in the AFC.

NE 33 @ OAK 8

Oakland was warned. Anyone who has New England on their schedule needs to brace themselves. The defense was mocked. They adjusted. Brady was mocked. He refined. They lost Edelman. Cooks makes plays. I said it before and I will say it again: You will see New England win the Super Bowl for a second year in a row.

PHI 37 @ DAL 9

Who dem boyz? Dallas took it hard and it was upsetting to see. This just adds to the Eagles dominant resume this year. They are still my pick to head to the Super Bowl. I think it’s definitely a safe bet that they take #1 seed in the NFC on the way there. The Cowboys may make the playoffs but this is the proof that they can’t get past Philadelphia.

ATL 34 @ SEA 31

I didn’t expect such a high score from either of these teams but I think a lot of Atlanta’s points come from the Seahawks losing Chancelor. Beyond that, it’s good to see a close fight between two NFC playoff hopefuls. Ultimately, neither of these teams are going to the Super Bowl. I doubt even the NFC Championship for either as well.

As always, thanks for reading. Don’t forget to share my posts with any football fans on your friends list and make sure to be back Thursday afternoon for my week 12 predictions!


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