Fight To The End

Obviously I can’t do predictions for the Thanksgiving games but I was too busy with family to write ahead of time. I’ll save the recap of those for Tuesday. For now, let’s dive into the remaining games this week.


This one is fairly easy for me. I don’t see the Bucs really turning their season around and the Falcons have made some improvements where needed. I’ll take Atlanta at home, 28-13.


Bengals win at home, 31-17. Don’t act like it takes thought.


This is a crucial divisional game for both of these teams. Neither one of them will surpass the Jaguars by now but they can fight for a wild card spot perhaps. However, all things considered, I’m gonna trust the Titans to get it done when it counts, 21-17.


I didn’t think this would be a tough pick but I’m stuck on how poorly both teams have played as of late. I guess it’s a matter of who do I think will put up instead of shutting up. I’ll take a gamble on the Chiefs at home, 30-24.


Oh is this another bye week? You are out of your damn mind if you bet on the Dolphins (unless you’re considering the spread or over/under). There’s no way they win. Pats at home, 42-20.


Even if I thought they stood a chance, my morality tells me I can’t pick the Jets because they’re trash. Beyond that, the Panthers have played fantastically lately and are on a roll at 7-3. Carolina wins on the road, 27-20.


Lets just call this an extra bye week for Philly. Bears fans might not want to watch this. Eagles put on a clinic, 35-17.


I’ll say this quickly: If the Seahawks can’t beat San Francisco this week, they will lose all of my respect and have absolutely zero shot at even the second round of the playoffs. Seattle should win, 30-13.


This is a game I am looking forward to. Both of these teams have played very well this year and they are top NFC contenders right now. What this game will boil down to is the last ten minutes. No matter what happens, the last ten minutes will determine the whole game. With that in mind, I put my faith in Brees. Saints win a battle, 31-28.


No way in hell the Cardinals can beat the Jags the way they’ve been playing. I’ve tried to imagine that they somehow get everything to click just right and I still see Jacksonville finding a way to edge them out. I’ll take a Jaguars road win, 24-14.


You can’t watch the way the Broncos have played and think they have a chance against the Raiders even with Oakland’s flaws. I just don’t see it happening. This week, the Raiders hold tight. Oakland wins at home, 24-17.


The Packers are still a joke and last week was just even more depressing evidence. The Steelers on the other hand are neck and neck with the Patriots for the top spot in the AFC. They’ve just been dominant. I’ll take Pittsburgh at home, 34-10.


With no Deshaun Watson, there’s no way the Texans can muster enough points against that tough Ravens defense to come away with a victory. Ravens win this at home easily, 30-14.

Thanks as always for reading. Apologies that it took so long to come out but the holidays are time consuming. Rest assured you can come back on Tuesday for your recap of week 12 action. Don’t forget to share this with your friends! As we approach the playoffs, the NFL gets even more exciting so spread the word and I’ll see you Tuesday.


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