False Hopes

I am dropping Alex Smith. The Chiefs did a complete 180 in the worst way possible. In other news, the Saints winning streak came to an end, the Cardinals somehow got past the Jaguars, and the Eagles and Patriots continue to look poised to meet in the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at this week’s games and see what happened.

MIN 30 @ DET 23

The Vikings mean business this year, man. Keenum played a fantastic game and overall this season, I’d say he’s been above average. Detroit started the season strong but has sort of sizzled out into mediocrity since then. This game came down to the offenses executing plays and Minnesota just did it better.

LAC 28 @ DAL 6

The Cowboys look like they can’t play football without Elliott which is depressing. Prescott has so much potential but he’s losing that potential rapidly. Bryant used to be one hell of a wide receiver but he’s not producing or making plays. The Chargers had a really rough start to the season but seem to have turned things around and are now in the fight for the AFC West.

NYG 10 @ WAS 20

Well no shit the Redskins won. The Giants have two fluke victories against struggling AFC West teams. Washington isn’t going to the Super Bowl but they’ll probably come in second in the NFC East and land a wild card spot. The Giants won’t make it out of the regular season. They should probably just plan for the draft at this point.

TB 20 @ ATL 34

The Bucs may have looked good at first but it’s all gone down hill. This was to be expected though. The Falcons have their own list of problems but at least they have shown improvement. Tampa Bay is at a point of looking towards the draft as a way to revitalize their team next year. I’d suggest a coaching shake up too, but what do I know? Atlanta will probably hit the playoffs but they certainly won’t get to the Super Bowl.

CLE 16 @ CIN 30

The Bengals won because nobody can lose to the Browns unless they really try to lose. Cleveland might be a decent team in like 5-10 years but for now they are an extra bye week.

TEN 20 @ IND 16

I told you the Titans would pull it off. There was a moment where the Colts had hopes but they are just another one of the various AFC teams that are an absolute mess this season. Look for Tennessee to battle with the Jaguars for the top spot in the South but both teams will end up in the playoffs.

BUF 16 @ KC 10

Fuck you, Alex Smith. Fuck you, Kansas City. You looked like the best team in the NFL for 5 weeks and then shit your pants. It’s absolutely pathetic. I can’t understand why they’ve fallen apart in such a terrible way. The Bills aren’t that fantastic. I mean yeah, I hyped up Buffalo a little bit when they were firing on all cylinders but god damn they’ve maintained mediocrity. The AFC as a whole is in really bad shape and this game just goes to show that outside of the Steelers and the Patriots, it’s pretty much a battle of the “meh” teams.

MIA 17 @ NE 35

Don’t act surprised. Don’t start throwing out cheating accusations. Don’t blame the refs. The Patriots are hot as hell and continue to rollover their opponents. Miami has been trash for the most part this year and they should’ve known they were losing this game. I maintain that New England is going to the Super Bowl again, and winning it.

CAR 35 @ NYJ 27

This game was closer than I thought it would be but that seems to be the trend for Carolina. Against good teams they really show up and play well but then against mediocre or poor teams they barely get by with a win. I wonder if they get too cocky or confident in those games. Regardless, they are sitting pretty in the NFC at 8-3 and there’s no doubt they will make it to the playoffs but can they beat the likes of Minnesota or New Orleans? I don’t know. But I do know they can’t beat Philadelphia.

CHI 3 @ PHI 31

Speaking of Philadelphia, they have a fantastic dance crew. These guys played tic-tac-toe on the sidelines during the game. The Eagles knew this was a win. That’s a bit scary to me. They have the best record in the league at 10-1 and have dominated again and again but if it gets to their heads, it could be their downfall. I stand by their ability to get to the Super Bowl but I believe the ego will cost them the trophy. That and Brady has more records to set/beat.

SEA 24 @ SF 13

Phew. I was about ready to sign off on the Seahawks this season. At 7-4, it’s clear that the NFC is the better conference overall but Seattle has that special something about big games sometimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow weaseled their way into the NFC Championship against Philly before blowing it. The Niners started Garoppollo and on his second pass under center he put in a touchdown. I think they found their new starter.

NO 20 @ LA 26

What a game. Both of these teams are fantastic to watch and with matching 8-3 records, they are both strong contenders heading into the postseason. I put my money on Brees and company getting it done in the last ten minutes no matter what happened prior but the Rams made a statement. Don’t sleep on Los Angeles.

JAX 24 @ ARI 27

Jacksonville is becoming my favorite team to admire and hate at the same time. 7-4 is the best they’ve done in a while and they still look pretty good but they should’ve had this game. Granted, I should’ve started Bortles instead of Smith but damn it, just when I put some faith into the Jaguars they go and lose to Arizona. The Cardinals have fallen apart this year and are a shell of their former selves. They didn’t win this game, Jacksonville lost it.

DEN 14 @ OAK 21

Was this a UFC event? Crabtree and Talib really can’t stand each other which makes for great TV but it disappoints me as a football fan. Both of these guys are great players and have such athletic talent. I hate watching it go to waste on an ejection due to them being childish and throwing punches. Ultimately it was obvious the Raiders would win this game because the Broncos basically suck ass. With a 3-8 record there’s a very slim chance they find their way into the playoffs and even if they did, there’s not a sane person on earth that would bet on them actually winning a game.

GB 28 @ PIT 31

I thoroughly expected this game to be a blowout so I will give props to the Packers for putting up a hell of a fight. I think we can all agree that with slightly better defense and Rodgers under center, this game would’ve gone very differently. The Steelers remain atop the AFC with the Patriots at a matching 9-2 record. However, on December 17th in Week 15 we will see these teams collide and I want you to read it here first: New England will crush the Steelers in Pittsburgh and remain on top of the conference alone.

HOU 16 @ BAL 23

What a surprise, the Ravens mediocre offense was able to score against Houston and their tough defense was able to hold back Tom Savage. Yawn. This game was boring because both teams are basically trash. You know it. I know it. They know it. There’s always next year.

That’s all for this week’s recap. Thanks as always for reading. Don’t forget to share this with your football friends and family. We are only 5 weeks away from the end of the regular season so it’s getting crazier and more exciting overall. Week 13 starts Thursday afternoon so make sure you’re back on here in time for my week 13 predictions!


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