We’ve Been Fooled

I wouldn’t have believed the Seahawks could show up in such a big way and take down the team we all saw as the best in the league. However, upon looking back at the Eagles record this year, they’ve only managed to beat one team that has a winning percentage of over .500 so far. This makes me question myself and all of you that fell into it with me: Are the Eagles a fraud? Let’s take a look at what happened this week while we ponder that.

WAS 14 @ DAL 38

Well the Redskins got their asses handed to them. Good for Dallas. They’ve faced some major issues on both sides of the ball this season and they needed a solid home field win. I don’t see them heading to the NFC Championship this year but with the right moves in the offseason and some adjustments in the coaching staff, they may have a shot at it next year. Washington is going to continue to be Washington which basically means the pinnacle of mediocrity.

KC 31 @ NYJ 38

How the mighty have fallen. The Chiefs looked like shit defensively but Alex Smith must’ve heard that I benched him to start Bortles and decided he had something to prove. Absolute monster game on offense but the defense lost this game. This is where New York fans are going to holler about how great the Jets are and next year is their year. Just shut up and remember you share a division with Tom Brady who spanks you before bed every night. Maybe you can go to the playoffs when he’s had his fun.

TB 20 @ GB 26

An absolute thriller to the end. Wild that it came down to such a clutch rush play in OT but man the Packers are trying to show they are more than Aaron Rodgers but I’m still not buying it. We all know Tampa Bay is absolutely fucking garbage so beating them in overtime isn’t impressive. You should’ve won by 10 or more points by the end of the 4th quarter.

DEN 9 @ MIA 35

Exactly as I said, the Dolphins came to play. There was a fire in them, especially on defense. Not that it’s hard to take the ball away from the Broncos this season but it’s still somewhat impressive. Offensively they did about as good as they ever have in the last 5-10 years but signing Cutler was a huge waste of cash. Sure he threw 2 touchdowns but he also gave up the pick twice. That’s not a QB that can help you win a championship.

IND 10 @ JAX 30

If you expected anything different then you need to wake up and acknowledge just how bad the Colts are. I know you were probably expecting me to hype up the Jaguars who will hit the playoffs for the first time in many years but even they have to know they can’t get past the Patriots or the Steelers so their chances of progressing are already shot. The Colts have so much work to be done that it makes me a bit sad. They used to be a contending team every season and now they look like a practice squad. Poor Brissett. He deserves better.

HOU 13 @ TEN 24

This was too easy to pick. The Titans aren’t phenomenal by any stretch of the imagination but there was no way they’d take the beating from the Texans they took earlier this year and not respond. That said, if Watson had stayed healthy all year, this would’ve been a second blowout by the Texans. Houston will come back strong next year.

DET 20 @ BAL 44

Seems like the Ravens woke up all of a sudden as if someone had to remind them that they play football for a living. Baltimore had a hell of a couple of late drives and just dominated Detroit. The Lions are no longer a serious threat to the NFC which sucks for Detroit fans but you’re used to it by now. The Ravens might sneak their way further into the playoffs than you think. Keep an eye on them.

MIN 14 @ ATL 9

This is the nail in the coffin for the Falcons. The Vikings are playing really well this year and they have a legitimate chance to end up in the NFC Championship game but even with that said, the Falcons should’ve been able to put up more than 9 points and win they game. They did well to hold Minnesota to 14 but they just couldn’t score which is something they had no problem doing last year. Atlanta is done.

SF 15 @ CHI 14

It’s a win by the skin of the ass but it’s Jimmy’s first win in San Francisco and I assure you, he is just getting started. The Niners need some fast young defenders and a running back to build a solid team around him. Might want to look at coaching. The Bears are the Bears so Chicago fans can’t be surprised at how the season has turned out. Trubisky is the future of their franchise but he needs help. Chicago has work to do in the offseason.

NE 23 @ BUF 3

I agree the Gronk hit was super late and childish and he deserves his one game suspension. With that out of the way, let’s take a second to admire just how dominant New England is. They allowed a mere 3 points by the Bills IN Buffalo. To add to that, they’re about to give the Dolphins another beating. In fact, the only tough game left for the Patriots is in two weeks against the Steelers. They have Buffalo and the Jets again after that. I don’t see the Patriots losing another game. They end the season 14-2 with the #1 seed in the AFC and ride their home field advantage all the way to the Super Bowl.

CLE 10 @ LAC 19

The Chargers shouldn’t have even let this game be this close. Cleveland may just go 0-16.

LA 32 @ ARI 16

You may take this as proof of how good the Rams are or proof of how bad the Cardinals are but either way this is such a flip from recent years. At least there is one LA team that looks ready to compete in the postseason. Arizona has so many problems that we forget about David Johnson’s absence. I don’t think he solves all of their problems but he definitely opens up the passing game and dominates defenses on the ground. Keep an eye on them next year.

NYG 17 @ OAK 24

What the fuck did you think would happen by putting Geno Smith under center instead of Eli Manning? I don’t think Eli is all that great anymore but he’s better than fucking Geno. No wonder the Giants fired McAdoo. New York has absolutely zero good teams right now. Oakland is lucky this is an easy game and they seemed to struggle more than they should have. The Raiders are still in competition for the playoffs but I don’t expect they’ll get far.

CAR 21 @ NO 31

Kamara is absolutely unreal. New Orleans has a really good thing going. In fact, it’s so good that I’ve decided I changed my mind about the Super Bowl. Saints vs Patriots. Now that is a hell of a game to watch. Carolina will be in the playoffs but they won’t get to the NFC Championship. They should survive first round easily but fail in the divisional.

PHI 10 @ SEA 24

This shocked me when I first woke up and saw the score but I’ve thought about it a lot and realized the Eagles haven’t been playing great teams. If anything they had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL and while they are an amazing team this year, Seattle isn’t that special and was able to contain them. I think the Eagles host the NFC Championship against New Orleans and end up choking like they did in Seattle.

PIT 23 @ CIN 20

The Steelers should not have struggled this much with the piss poor Bengals. What it shows to me is a very dirty rivalry that saw multiple injuries and brutal hits and what it amounts to is that both of these teams are too emotional to make it to the Super Bowl. The Bengals are just trash in general but the Steelers play like a bunch of hood rats sometimes and that is what is going to cost them their shot at the title yet again.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my stuff. Don’t forget to share this article and my others with your friends and family. Be sure to come back on Thursday afternoon for your week 14 predictions!


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