Don’t Show Up

We have just four more games until the regular season ends and there’s still a lot of football to play in that time. The Steelers and Bengals game last week has a lot of people concerned with the violence of the NFL and there are still lots of teams that can fight their way into the postseason. Let’s see if we can figure out what’s going to happen this week.


This is a no brainer for me. The Falcons have devolved into mediocrity and the Saints are as hot as hell this year. Kamara is going to tear holes in the Atlanta defense and Brees will perform as he usually does. Saints win on the road, 34-20.


This is a tougher pick to make than you think. Half of you think the Chiefs defense can’t hold against Oakland and the other half are looking at Alex Smith as a god after last week. As much as I want and expect Smith to have another great game, it won’t be enough to overcome the lack of defense the Chiefs will play. I’m sticking with Oakland in a high scoring match, 35-28.


The Giants are trash and won’t have anything to show for their coaching changes until next season at the least. Dallas can take this game easily. Cowboys win, 31-17.


This is going to be a hell of a game to watch. Carolina’s offense has been pretty hot this season and their defense isn’t to be ignored either. On the other hand, the Vikings have one of the best overall defenses in the league and their offense is executing well enough to make Case Keenum look like a stellar QB. I’ll put my money on Minnesota, 27-20.


The colts aren’t even remotely impressive. Despite the Bills being beaten up pretty bad by the Patriots, the Colts are nowhere near that skill level. This will be a feel-good home win for Buffalo, 30-13.


I’m going to go out on a lib here and say the Bengals defense will hold strong enough to withstand the low end Bears. It’s not much of a hot take, but the Bears may actually be the better team overall in the end. I won’t be surprised if they win, but I will take the Bengals instead, 27-14.


This is a turning point for the Niners franchise. If they can get past the Texans this week, it shows that their largest concern was at the Quarterback position. I have faith in Jimmy Garoppolo. San Fran wins, 17-13.


Packers win 31-24.


The Lions have shown a declining performance as the season has rolled on but the Bucs look even worse in my opinion. I can’t see Tampa Bay somehow managing to steal this win. Detroit is better period. Lions win, 24-17.


Arizona has a ton of work to do this offseason. They are no longer a threat in the NFC and I don’t see them as a threat to the Titans. Mariota continues to grow and evolve into a QB of the future. I’ll pick the Titans, 28-20.


I can’t believe I’m about to do this but Denver is giving me no choice. They turn the ball over far too often and their defense is dead. I won’t like this result, but the Jets will win this one, 35-17.


The Chargers are actually turning things around and playing really solid football lately. Washington can’t hang. Earlier this year I would’ve gone the other way but these are the games that count and Rivers will show up big time. Chargers win at home, 24-14.


This is also going to be a highlight this week for NFL fans. The Eagles finally got served up their second loss of the season last week by the Seahawks. The Rams have played great football and still look like a fantastic team. This game will prove whether or not the Eagles are a bunch of fakes. I’ll put my faith in them. Eagles win on the road in a battle, 21-17.


I know you’re probably thinking the Seahawks look amazing right now. Russell Wilson has been playing fantastic under center and they did manage to beat Philadelphia. Despite that, I think the Jaguars are proving this season that they are not to be forgotten. They have made absolutely fantastic progress this year and are a legitimate contending team. I will surprise you all and pick them to win this game at home, 31-27.


This is a game that will probably see some more brutal hits and injuries. That said, there’s no way you can convince a sane person that the Steelers will lose this game. Pittsburgh is just better on every side of the balls. I’ll take the Steelers at home, 30-20.


Don’t even joke that the Dolphins can survive this. New England is going to steamroll the rest of the regular season and not lose another game. Especially not a game to fucking trash bag Miami. I don’t care how good their defense played last week, they can’t stop Tom Brady. If they had any sense, they’d stay in bed. Pats win, 42-17.

Thanks as always for reading! Don’t forget to share these posts with any football fans you know. I appreciate the continued support. Check back on Tuesday for the recap of this week!


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