As the regular season is nearing its end, the outcome of these games is becoming less and less surprising. We’ve seen what these teams are made of. This week, we saw both Philly and Jacksonville prove themselves big time. Sadly for Eagles fans, I think your run has ended now. There’s no way they can keep this up without Wentz. Let’s quickly cover what went down this week.

NO 17 @ ATL 20

I thoroughly expected the Saints to win so I guess you can count this as a surprise if you want, but I don’t because nobody expected Kamara to get injured like that. If Kamara stays in that game, there’s no way the Falcons would’ve pulled it off. They barely won as it is. This doesn’t change my stance on Atlanta not getting anything done in the playoffs.

MIN 24 @ CAR 31

I’m getting really tired of seeing the Panthers excel one week and blow it the next and go back and forth. If the Panthers were consistent, they’d be the top NFC team without a doubt but they’re so back and goddamn forth. The Vikings should have realistically been able to win this game so it disappoints me a bit but I have faith in them making adjustments going forward.

DAL 30 @ NYG 10

I mean no shit, right? Eli or Geno, the Giants are still trash. Dallas has an uphill battle if they want to be considered a top team but I think we all know there’s no version of the playoffs where they get super far. Maybe Prescott can earn a victory in the postseason but he won’t make it out of the divisional round.

CHI 33 @ CIN 7

I’d like to say I’m surprised because I did ultimately pick the Bengals but I also left the possibility open that they crumbled. Cincinnati has a massive coaching problem and needs to draft really well this year. Chicago earns themselves an almost meaningless victory but at least they know progress is being made with Trubisky under center.

OAK 15 @ KC 26

Kansas City absolutely could not afford to lose this game if they wanted to redeem themselves for the struggles they’ve had since week 6. Raiders fans will have be barking about how they’ll get revenge in the playoffs but I don’t think they will. Chiefs will get to the divisional round and blow it. Raiders are out in Wild Card Weekend for sure.

SF 26 @ HOU 16

There’s your proof, folks. Garoppolo can get shit done. He’s not just going to be a stats guy, but he’s a leader and he’s smart as hell. Next year you will see San Francisco in the playoffs. This year, you probably won’t see either of these teams.

GB 27 @ CLE 21

It’s fucking hilarious that Cleveland had a big lead over Green Bay and then let them rack up 20 unanswered points. The Browns literally beat themselves sometimes. What a fucking joke.

IND 7 @ BUF 13

Take how bad both teams have been lately, mix in home field advantage and a fucking blinding snow storm and you have this result. Look for neither of these teams to be in the playoffs this year or even next year.

DET 24 @ TB 21

The fact that the Lions had to fight this hard to win by a mere field goal should concern Detroit fans. The Bucs are not a difficult team to get past. Detroit looked like a serious playoff contender earlier this year but that’s no longer the case. These teams need a few good draft picks and some offseason training.

NYJ 0 @ DEN 23

Fuck you, Jets fans. Eat it. You couldn’t even score against the garbage Broncos. God the Jets are fucking useless. Denver shouldn’t get too hyped up. We all know they aren’t going to the AFC Championship game.

TEN 7 @ ARI 12

What a let down for Titans fans. The Cardinals are mediocre on a good day and somehow held Tennessee to just one touchdown. That’s abysmal. The Titans will have to do better in the playoffs to get past the Jaguars and compete. If they make a wild card spot.

WAS 13 @ LAC 30

If you’re a Washington fan, I’m not sorry. You’re used to this by now. They have brief moments of decent football and then they return to being dysfunctional. Los Angeles has faced angry fans, a new city, and a tough start to the season and come out of all of that playing at a high level. That said, I am sorry to Chargers fans. This is temporary and deep down, you know it. Rivers will not bring you a championship this year.

SEA 24 @ JAX 30

Look at you, Jaguars. I see you. I put my faith in two things when I picked Jacksonville: 1. The Jaguars are legitimately a great team this year. 2. Seattle’s win over Philadelphia was a fluke and a testament to how inconsistent they are this year. I’m actually excited for Jag fans because they will be in the playoffs and I think they’ll get to the divisional round. Of course, there’s no way they beat either New England of Pittsburgh so ultimately they’ll get sent home but still it’s a lot better than they’ve done before. Oh and fuck you Seahawks fans.

PHI 43 @ LA 35

This is all the proof you need that the Eagles were still the dominant force of the NFC. Yes, I’m saying were because with Wentz out of the picture they just can’t be the same team. The Rams may have been beaten this week but they will come back strong to finish off the season. Keep your eye on them now that Wentz is down for the count.

BAL 38 @ PIT 39

This was a goddamn battle and a hell of a football game. Lots of highlight plays, high scoring, and just all around good quality football from both teams. The score makes the defenses look bad but I’ll give credit to the offenses because they both moved the ball and scored. This was a grinding victory that shows why Pittsburgh is poised to meet New England in the AFC Championship this year. And then lose. Again.

NE 20 @ MIA 27

This was about as ugly as it gets for the Pats The offensive line got ripped to shreds, there were far too many penalties and the defense didn’t show up until the 4th quarter. As a fan, I am not only disappointed, I am angry at the shit show performance they put on last night. They had no excuse losing this game and everybody knows they are the better team. That said, you bet your ass they will adjust before playing Pittsburgh and we all know the Pats will be in the playoffs and go a hell of a lot farther than Miami.

That’s week 14 in the books for you. Thanks as always for reading and don’t forget to share this with any football fans you have on your friends list. Week 15 predictions will be up as normal Thursday afternoon this week. See you then.


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