Enes Kanter vs Turkish Government

I did not see this coming. If any of you haven’t heard the Turkish Government is looking to arrest NYK Center Enes Kanter, claiming he is part of a terror group. Kanter was held in Romania in 2016 after his Turkish passport was cancelled after making the comments. He was able to return to the United States after US officials intervened on his behalf.

One of Kanters more famous lines about President Erdogan was that he is “Hitler of our century”. A bold thing to say about your President knowing his a complete nut job. Turkish officials are looking for 4 years of jail time for Kanter, assuming he is extradited. Now, i’m not too sure who handles that on the USA side of things but there’s no chance he gets extradited, right? Kanter isn’t a US citizen to my knowledge but my guess is the US doesn’t cooperate with Turkey here.

I do want to talk about the allegations that Kanter is involved in a “terror group”. To my knowledge he has only insulted the President of Turkey and I have not seen any proof he’s been involved in any acts of terror. I did come across this tweet, from the looks of the profile this person is just a Turkish citizen but you’d think they’d be more informed then me.


My hope is that nothing comes of this and Kanter and his family continue to be safe and free. I will be sure to update the story when more information surfaces.





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