Lavar Balls League

Huge story from Lavar Ball came out about 30 minutes ago first reported by Darren Rovell, Lavar wants to start his own basketball league. That is not a joke. First of all let me say I love this idea. I mean I really love it. I’ve been saying for years some of these guys in the NCAA need to get paid and Lavar may be the guy to do it. So basically the league is for high school graduates who don’t want to attend college. The league would consist of 10 teams and 80 players total with the pay outs ranging from 3-10k a month depending on the players ranking.

This kind of looks like what The XFL tried to do but Lavar is looking for talent. I don’t know if he can do this I don’t see why he couldn’t but I also don’t know if the NBA would actually draft these kids out of Lavars league. I imagine they would it’s similar to playing overseas and every year those guys get drafted.

Let’s be realistic he’s not going to get top recruits at least not at the start but hypothetically if he can make this happen he will get talented players and I want to it happen.

I’ve seen some people ask where he’ll get the money but this doesn’t happen without sponsors or something along those lines. All I know is I’m all for paying these kids and I can’t wait to see how far Lavar can take this.

*Late update*

I just saw this is supposed to start Summer 2018 so if that’s true we may get to see how this works out much sooner than I expected.




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