*Update* Enes Kanter vs Turkish Government

The balls on this guy. Enes Kanter found out Turkey wanted to lock him up for 4 years and do you know what he said? “That’s it?”. This guy might have the biggest pair of all time, I mean the guy couldn’t care less and I love it. He was shocked they only wanted him for 4 years “for all the trash I’ve been talking”, now I don’t know if I should be shocked, concerned or proud of Kanter to be completely honest. I’m shocked he didn’t back down and literally asked for more time like he was Oliver Twist.

I’m concerned because this could still go a lot of different directions for Kanter but I think I’m mostly proud of him. I’m proud he’s standing up for what he believes in to such an extent he couldn’t care less about jail time.

Now like I said In my first post I don’t know how these things work but Kanter seems confident he won’t be extradited.

Again if anything else surfaces we’ll be posting about.




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