OWL: Stage 2 Playoff Push

With one week left in Stage 2 it doesn’t seem premature to talk about the Stage 2 playoffs. There’s a few teams that need to have a big Week 5 to get into the top 3 and make the playoffs.


Los Angeles Gladiators: The Gladiators have become a powerhouse since signing Fissure after Stage 1 and pushing iRemix to the bench. They started off shaky going 2-2 but are currently 6-2 and have a map lead over Seoul giving them third place and complete control of their own destiny. The Gladiators will need to go undefeated to assure a spot for themselves in the Stage 2 playoffs which is easier said then done when their last two opponents are Philly and Boston. Philly has only lost to the Korean teams this Stage and even though they’re in 5th place they are widely considered a top team in the league, especially since adding EQO and Snillo.


Seoul Dynasty: The Dynasty are in 4th place and only one map behind the Gladiators. With arguably an easier last two games of the season if Seoul gets lucky they could be in the Stage 2 playoffs but Seoul is going cold at the wrong time after starting 6-0 they’ve dropped their last two including getting embarrassed by London in a 4-0. The Dynasty have only lost to the Korean teams though and have already beaten both teams they play in Week 5 (Houston and Florida) so if they can pull it together i could easily see an all Korean Stage 2 Playoffs.

I actually think it’ll be an all Korean Stage 2 Playoffs. I would expect a 3-1 or 3-2 for Seoul vs. Houston and probably a 4-0 vs. Florida. The path for the Gladiators is just too tough, I could easily see them losing to either Philly or Boston but there’s no chance they 4-0 both teams and with Seoul having the tiebreaker over LA already that’s exactly what the Gladiators would need to do.

Now i don’t see Seoul beating London in the first round so it will be a rematch of the Stage 1 finals with London vs. New York. London is the only team to beat New York this Stage and pulled off an insane reverse sweep to win Stage 1 but I think New York gets their revenge this time around. New York is on a 6 game win streak and have almost 4-0d every team since losing (Philly and Seoul each won a map).


In my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters since its my site, Stage 2 has been immensely more entertaining and i have high hopes for Stage 3 with Sinatraa (SFS) and Geguri (Shanghai) making their debuts.


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