OWL Home Stadiums?

First things first, how is everyone? Been awhile since anything has been posted on here, I will make it a priority to be more consistent.

First reported by Jacob Wolf (@JacobWolf on Twitter), a writer for ESPN, OWL is looking to have home teams play at home arenas by 2020. Similar to how conventional sports have home and away games that is what OWL goal is.

I love the idea but I’m skeptical. My main concern is that there are currently three international teams but by Season Two OWL is looking to add six more teams including four international teams (two in EU and 2 in Asia/Middle East), that’s a ridiculous amount of traveling for anyone especially a group of people who have to compete at a high level twice a week. The idea that I’ve seen floating around is that divisions travel together from home city to home city. Obviously more divisions would be needed and I would think less teams per division.

The two EU cities are rumored to be Paris and Berlin, now I have never been to Europe so maybe I’m wrong but i would imagine travel is easier/faster Dallas to LA then Shanghai/Seoul to Paris.


In this model, Pacific Division teams would travel through the Midwestern United States, the West Coast of the U.S. and then through Asian cities; Atlantic Division teams, by comparison, would travel through the East Coast of the U.S. then to Europe. -Jacob Wolf


Personally I have no issue with how the set up is now. All teams play in LA and the Finals are in a different location like the Barclays this season. I love the idea of having an actual home game and I would love to go to TD Garden in Boston and just go wild but this I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.


Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think of the potential changes on Twitter @xEddie_.



Link to the ESPN original article.


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