This video was just posted to Cloud 9 official YouTube channel. Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie are all OUT! They are being pushed down to the academy team (for at least week one) for Goldenglue, Keith and ZeyZal.

Sneakys tweet about the roster move.

Jensens tweet.

Pretty big news, admittedly i’m new to League and haven’t watched any of the preseason but this comes across as shocking. The video was posted 30 minutes ago and the updated roster is already live on the Cloud 9 website.

“We want to put together the best possible team for week one and these players are our best players to put on stage, they are performing better than our old roster was” is a direct quote from Jack (no idea who that guy is), so taking that quote and running with it the C9 higher ups think the team performs/is better without Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie on it. The site says the three are on the academy team so I don’t know if they’ll be used as subs or what.


What do you guys think of the changes with week one only a few days away? @EddieBLP



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