OWL Playoff Picture

Before I jump right into the potential playoff scenarios here is a quick breakdown of the OWL playoffs. The #1 seed in each division (LA Valiant, NY Excelsior) get a first round bye then we throw divisions away and the next four teams with the best record advance to the playoffs. So the Valiant have control of second place but hypothetically lets say Boston takes second place and bumps them down to third, the Valiant would still get a bye in the playoffs because they would still end first in their division.

Now for the first round, it will be the 3 seed vs the 6 seed and 4 seed vs the 5th seed. Regardless of which two seeds win the lower seed will face NY and the higher seed with face LA. CraftyPeskyHound-max-1mb

Now the fun part where I get to make wild speculations with zero repercussions. There are six teams currently fighting for a playoff spot, Boston has sole ownership of the 3 seed and only needs one win to guarantee themselves a playoff spot. They play NY Thursday which will be a tough game assuming NY cares about the stage 4 playoffs and doesn’t bench the starters. On Saturday though Boston plays the Florida Mayhem which should be a free win leaving Boston with a 25-15 record

420px-Boston_Uprising_logo_no_text Prediction: 25-15… 4th Seed.

Now you may be thinking “Wow this guy is an idiot, he clearly meant to say 3rd Seed.” WRONG! I know what i said now keep reading.

The reason Boston gets the 4th Seed is because London is going to get the 3rd seed. Yes, those damn Brits will win out in week 5 beating the Mayhem and Fusion. I guarantee it (unless i’m wrong in that case this is all just jokes haHAA). When London goes 2-0 this week they will be tied with Boston 25-15 but the Spitfire currently are up 9 maps on Boston and I expect the map lead to increase.

600px-London_Spitfire_logo Prediction: 25-15, 3rd Seed.

Two spots gone, two spots left. My official prediction for the 5th seed will be… the LA Gladiators. Trust me, all I wanted to do was put the Fusion here but I can’t especially after I already said Philly is going to lose to London. LAG aren’t going to lose to Shanghai I promise you that. Gladiators vs Dynasty will be interesting but ultimately I have LA winning and going 2-0 this week. With Seoul losing that would put them out of playoff contention.

600px-Los_Angeles_Gladiators_logo Prediction: 25-15, 5th Seed.

With Seoul being eliminated by the Gladiators there is no need to discuss them. Currently with the 6th seed we have the Fusion and two games behind them we have the Outlaws. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like these two teams are so evenly matched and match up position wise with each other extremely well. I wish the Outlaws weren’t two games behind Philly because it would add much more to the suspense of their match on Thursday. Houston might beat Philly but they won’t beat NY on Friday so it won’t matter. I think the Fusion will go 0-2 this week and still end up with the 6th Seed.

250px-Philadelphia_Fusion_logo Prediction: 23-17, 6th Seed.

Final Predictions:

1. NY Excelsior 35-5

2. LA Valiant 28-12

3. LDN Spitfire 25-15

4. BOS Uprising 25-15

5. LA Gladiators 25-15

6. PHI Fusion 23-17

We will discuss the playoffs more once they start up. Thanks for reading, tell me what you thought on Twitter @EddieBLP.


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