C9 Roster Update

So I blogged about C9 and their roster changes last week before the split started, now with the new roster going 1-1 in the first weekend we have some comments to go over. This clip is from Sneakys first stream since the announcement. Maybe it’s just me but I get the vibe that he has some resentment towards Jack and Reapered. He does seem to have a more professional stance compared to his initial tweet when the announcement was made public.

Jack did an interview on Father’s Day where he talked about the changes. Jack very clearly is backing up Reapered, the C9 head coach, while making it clear he did not approve of Sneaky and Jensens “unprofessional” tweets.

I’m someone with a background in sports so I understand the need to switch up and change the starting lineup when trying to win. I have zero issue with the moves that C9 made. With that being said I am a little surprised by how open Jack was with backing the new starters while borderline bashing Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie. He does continue to leave the door open saying they will put the best team on the stage and if the three guys sent down to Academy prove themselves they could end up back to the main roster.

Personally, I don’t see the guys moving back up to the main roster. At least not Cloud 9s main roster. It appears to me that the bot lane they’re treating as a duo. I think they wanted to move Keith up for Sneaky which means they had to move Smoothie down. Jensen could come back up but Goldenglue has played very well in the first two matches of the split. I would be on the look at to see Sneaky and/or Jensen to leave or be released by the end of the split.

Let me know what you think on Twitter @EddieBLP


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