Match To Keep An Eye On For Day Three (NA LCS)

I had to work on this rainy Saturday so CLG and TL are already underway but i wanted to get this up regardless. The Matchup I’m most interested in is Optic vs Echo Fox, the reasoning might be a little obvious but it’s all about Huni. Huni is already one of my favorite pro players, I just love his story. Coming from South Korea and competing at a high level in all three regions, now back in NA just doing the damn thing.

Echo Fox is very interesting to me because with such a weird meta League is in right now. Huni is a top laner, he has played top in the past and he is listed as a top laner on EFs website. In two games he has yet to play top. When he locked in Lucian I thought “Woah, the famous Huni-Lucian top” and I was wrong. Top laner Huni went Bot and sure its the first game of the split try and catch everyone off guard. Day two comes and Huni goes Taliyah Jungle.

What. Is. Going. On.


In a meta where versatility is almost a requirement every team wants a Huni. Echo Fox is 2-0* and i put an asterisk there because of how Day 2 ended. The way I understand the situation is that the game crashed and it wouldn’t be fair to Echo who was up so much to have to start over. The officials decided CG was down too much to make the comeback so Echo Fox was given the win. Yes, the kills were even at 15 a piece but EF was up 7 towers, an inhib, 10k gold and four dragons. No it’s not fair to CG either but don’t give up so many objectives is the moral of the story.

Now in todays game I would think Optic bans Lucian, unless they want to play him themselves. Echo Fox has picked Lucian in both games and there is always the chance Huni goes Top with him and that’s just scary if you don’t have a good matchup.

Like I’ve said before I’m still new to the LCS scene so it is tough to make an educated prediction. With that being said I’m picking Echo Fox mainly because I like Huni.


If you think I’m an idiot tell me why on twitter @EddieBLP. Where do you think Huni will play tonight?




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