What Is The Match Of The Day For Day 4? (NA LCS)

Day fours match of the day isn’t hard for me. Some people are intrigued by C9 vs 100 Thieves, as they should be. It has the makeup to be a great match and any other day it probably would be the hands down match of the day, maybe even week! Not this week, not today. Unquestionably, the match of the day is TSM vs. TL.

Lets break it down by lane and decide who we think will come out victorious this afternoon.

Top Lane: Starting off in the top lane we have Hantzer for TSM and Impact for TL.

Hauntzer (TSM)

  • KDA 5.4 (19th in LCS)
  • CS per min 9.8 (10th in LCS)
  • Kill Participation 75% (26th in LCS)

Impact (TL)

  • KDA 3.0 (34th)
  • CS per min 8.0 (24th)
  • Kill Participation 77% (20th)

Similar stats across the board but we have to give the statistical edge to Hauntzer. Now lets see how they’ve done on specific champions. Impact has gone 1/2/11 on Aatrox, 1/5/0 on Ornn and 1/1/10 as Singed. The two wins Impact had a positive KDA (6.00 and 11.00 respectively) but his Ornn game was very ugly. Hauntzer on the other hand went 3/1/7 as Aatrox, 7/0/5 as Mundo and 2/4/3 in yesterdays loss as Mundo. Hauntzer has done better statistically and in game. If you want to look at their similar champions Hauntzer performed better as Aatrox too. Point TSM.


Jungle:  Xmithie vs. Grig. The vet vs the Newcomer, lets dive right into it.

Grig (TSM)

  • KDA 6.3 (17th)
  • CS Per Min 5.0 (38th)
  • Kill Participation 69% (37th)

Xmithie (TL)

  • KDA 3.0 (34th)
  • CS per min 5.5 (34th)
  • Kill Participation 68% (40th)

These two are very close statistically with Grig edging out Xmithie in KDA. Grigs champion stats are 3/1/7 as Olaf, 1/0/10 as Trundle and 1/3/3 as Nocturne. Xmithie on the other hand has gone 3/3/9 on Camille, 0/3/1 as Xin Zhao and yesterday went 0/1/8 while on Trundle. I want to give Liquid and Xmithie the edge because the on stage expierence Xmithie has over Grig could come into play but the stats clearly say Grig has had a larger and arguably more positive effect on his team. TSM 2-0.


Mid Lane: Possibly the most important role in the match. Two very strong and capable mid laners go head to head, Pobelter vs. Bjergsen.

Bjergsen (TSM) (For some reason Bjergsens stats on Leagues site aren’t up to date, they are missing his Day 3 stats)**

  • KDA 8.0 (13th)
  • CS per min 9.8 (9th)
  • Kill Participation 83% (8th)

Pobelter (TL)

  • KDA 5.0 (20th)
  • CS per min 9.9 (8th)
  • Kill Participation 81% (8th)

As I said Bjergsens Anivia stats from his loss yesterday are not on Leagues site for some reason so it is tough to compare them statistically but lets try anyway. Bjerg in two games on Irelia has gone a total 7/3/17 which is very impressive but he did go 0/5 on Anivia. Pobelter on the other hand in two games on Irelia has gone 4/4/8, not as good as Bjerg but not bad. Pobelter also went 2/1/11 on Galio in the first game of the split. This lane might come down to who can get Irelia but in this matchup of two very elite mid laners i’m siding with Poebelter. TL snags this one.


Bot Lane: We’re going to combine ADC/Support here and talk about the lane as a whole.

Zven (TSM)

  • KDA 10.0 (3rd)
  • CS per min 10.0 (7th)
  • Kill Participation 83% (5th)

Doublelift (TL)

  • KDA 6.3 (17th)
  • CS per min 10.2 (4th)
  • Kill Participation 81% (8th)

Statistically this might be the closest one yet. Clearly both ADC players are playing at an elite level. This matchup might be a wash. Zven is one of the best ADCs from EULCS and Doublelift is widely considered the best ADC in North America. Lets call the ADCs even and take a look at the Supports. Olleh (TL) in 3 games has gone 3/7/20 and Mithy has gone 0/13/17. Olleh has 36 more CS in 33 less minutes and a better KDA. Edge to Liquid.

TL has played 33 less minutes than TSM so far this split but Doublelift still has the most kills between the two teams at 16. The Top 5 in kills does have 3 TSM players in it though. The two players with the most deaths are both TSM members, Mithy is the only player with 10+ deaths (13). With that being said, as a team TSM (33) has died only two more times then TL (31) in 30 more minutes played.

This has the make up to be an instant classic and a potential finals matchup. If TL hopes to win Doublelift needs to be on a traditional ADC and they need to keep Irelia away from Bjergsen.

The casters and a coin have made their choice.


We covered everything there is to cover in a head to head matchup and it is all tied up 2-2 with ADC going even. I expect TL to ban away or First Pick Irelia and with that in mind i’m going Team Liquid, the defending champions, to take this match and first place while they’re at it.


Who do you have winning? Let me know on Twitter @EddieBLP.









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