OWL Playoffs Day 1 / Fusion vs. Uprising

Doing a little bit of a different post today. Going to live blog the first match of day one for anyone who doesn’t get a chance to see it or anyone who wants a recap.

If anyone is unaware it is a best of 3 series with match one of the series happening today and match two (and three if needed) happening Friday.

Fusion vs. Uprising

Pre-match predictions: I’m in a tough spot. I have been rooting for Philly all season but I am from Boston. With that being said if Philly can play up to their potential and just let Carpe and EQO carry I think they’ll win.



Map one, Dorado:

Point A taking it easily. Carpe is winning the early widow duel vs striker. 14-3 elims in favor of the Fusion as they take point B with  five minutes left in the time bank. Philly took streets about as fast as you can take it. Big D.Va ult by Hotba after a Sado Shatter gets two. EQO uses Hanzo ult on spawn to zone out Boston and ensure the full cap as Carpe gets the final kills as they complete the map. Philly completed their attack with 2:51 left and an elim lead of 30 to 6.


Both teams starts triple tank; Orisa, Roadhog and D.Va. Carpe hard carrying early first point defense on Widow. A pretty bad Hanzo ult by Mistakes, doesn’t really connect with anyone, with a few teammates down. EQO and Mistakes are having an underrated hanzo 1v1 with eqo coming out ahead. Map elims are 41-9 with 1:40 left in Bostons attack on point A. Striker takes out Neptuno with a headshot and Uprising can finally take first (50 seconds left in the time bank) with Philly having no healer. The swaps come in with Neko and Boombox both swapping to Zen, off of Roadhog, as Gamsu and Sado will both swap to Winston off of Orisa. Halfway through streets Mistakes swaps to Tracer of off the Hanzo. Mistakes sticks the widow but Neptuno rezzes Carpe quickly as Sado takes out two including Kellex on the Mercy which forces Boston to reset with only 30 seconds left. EQO with a huge pick on a flanking mistakes. Carpe headshots zen but he’s rezzed. EQO is just popping off! Note uses D.Va ult to remech on the cart. EQO takes out the Mercy and after Boston tried to stall the Fusion win Dorado 3-1.

61-23 were the final elims in favor of Philly.


Map two, Oasis:

First point- Boston takes point first after they get a few picks including Mistakes onto Carpe. Philly look to initiate a fight and EQO loses a tracer 1v1 vs Mistakes. Boston wins a fight at Phillys spawn, Boston now has 40% of the point. Mistakes dives in and forces Boombox to use trance as Striker takes Carpe and Neptuno out. Boston take first point Oasis easily. 15-2 elims in favor of Boston. Striker absolutely dominated the Widow duel vs Carpe.

Second point- Striker, on Hanzo, takes out Neptuno to start the map, Philly is forced to back down as Boston caps the point. Carpe uses a zoning Hanzo ult which forces Boston off the point. Philly takes and flips the point at 35% in favor of Boston. EQO is on Pharah and has been quiet but he does have his ult . Carpe headshots Striker and follows up with a big ult https://clips.twitch.tv/VainFrozenKoupreyPJSugar . An average grav by Hotba but it does force transcendence. Philly wins the next fight and win the map.

Point Three- Boston takes point after Neko eliminates EQO in a Zen v Pharah. Striker swaps to brig to stop Carpes Tracer and Carpe swaps to widow immediately. Carpe takes out Neko and Mistakes. Big Pharah ult by EQO kills Mercy as Striker ults. The entire match has been a wild scrap but Boston did have point the whole fight, as it flips at 83%. Mistakes uses Pharah ult and it takes out Mercy and Pharah. Boston retakes the point. Kellex kills EQO and the Fusion try to stall but Boston wins oasis.

Map three, Eichenwelde:

Poko replaces Hotba.

A must win for Philly in my opinion because Boston is 10-0-1 all season on todays Map four, Volskya.

Philly Attack- Both teams running triple tank. Philly takes point A with as much ease as they took first on Dorado. Mistakes Hanzo ults the rooftop to force Philly back to the ground. Huge hook by Boombox onto Mistakes. Philly is on the brindge with the payload and no one has died yet 3:39 left in time bank. Philly takes point B and Striker swaps to Junkrat. Boombox is hitting 60% of his hooks after only playing 2minutes of hog in reg season. Boston finally wins a fight with the payload 3.7m from point C and 3:30 left oon the map. EQO playing like a Hanzo God. The Fusion complete the map with 2:17. Philly ended with 36 elims as Boston ended with 7…

Boston Attack- Boston running dive, Striker is flanking on Tracer. Boston takes point A just as fast as Philly did. Looks like Philly wasn’t expecting dive. EQO swaps to brig from pharah. The EQO vs Mistakes duel is too real https://clips.twitch.tv/EnjoyableInexpensiveGullDuDudu . The Fusion win the first fight after Boston takes point B. Boston has 90 seconds to cap. Note with a big D.Va ult getting a double kill forces philly to retreat so no one gets staggered. Philly can’t touch Boston finishes with 1:00.

Boston Attack in OT- I’d expect Boston to try dive again and Philly probably starts Brig. They didn’t start brig… EQO is on Pharah again. The Uprising take point A very quickly again, EQO swaps to Hanzo after he dies. Philly looking to contest very early. Mistakes take out zen with genji blade but EQO takes him out as he heads for Mercy. Boston wins a fight under the bridge and continue the push. Boston is about to take point B as Mistakes EMPs. EQO comes out on the brig and he gets two quick kills. Boston nearly get to the second point.

Philadelphia Attack in OT- EQO is just throwing the Fusion on his back he has 40 elims  as Philly takes point A. Random D.Va ult gets Neptuno, Philly has 50 seconds left but need to reset. Boston is holding at the arch Philly only has one fight left. EQO and Poko are doing so much, Philly wins the fight and it wasn’t even close. EQO tosses out his ult just to keep Boston in spawn. Poko throws his ult and kills Hanzo, Kellex rezzes him. EQO takes out Orisa as Carpe takes out Mercy. Philly wins the map with an elimination difference of 35 (89-35)!

Map four, Volskya:

Starnge sub for Philly. Boombox is on the bench and Hotba is in. Philly are either doing triple tank or something very strange.

Fusion Attck- Hotba is on Tracer. Philly is running triple DPS. EQO and Carpe do what they do best and kill the other team, Philly takes point A. Philly takes point B with 5:22 left on the clock and all i have to say is, holy shit. I couldn’t put too many details in cause it was just so fast. Philly knew they needed to do something different to try and beat Boston on a map that they literally can’t lose on.

Uprising Attack- Carpe takes out the mercy which forces Boston to back out and reset. Philly looking very strong on Defense. Carpe is just popping off and Sado takes out Mercy. The Fusion are making Uprising look like a JV team right now. 50 seconds left on the clock and Boston has used all of their ults and still couldn’t take the point. Kellex down again! He just can’t stay alive. PHILLY WINS.

The Kings of Volskya have been dethroned! Philly wins 3-1 and go up 1-0 in the best of three series.



@EddieBLP on Twitter.







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