Fusion Punch Their Ticket To The Grand Final

The Philadelphia Fusion are heading to the Barclays center for the first ever Overwatch League Grand Finals after an amazing 5 map series versus NY.

Holy. Shit.

With 150,000 people watching on Twitch and while being aired on ESPN2, Philly rises to the occasion and comes out on top in another tight spot. The Fusion swept NY on Wednesday in what was the closest a sweep has ever been and today they are forced to play a 5th map and STILL come out on top of the #1 seed, the favorites to win the title.

The lovable underdogs barely made the playoffs and after a huge day by Carpe and EQO they are set to take on a very strong London Spitfire team who has been waiting for them.


I can’t wait to see the two best DPS duos in the league go head to head on ESPN.


Bye NY Excelsior and hello Spitfire.



Who are you rooting for in the Finals? Let me know on Twitter @EddieBLP


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