My Barstool Idol Experience

Been awhile hasn’t it you beautiful fucks. So let me get right to it, as some of you may know Darriald and I had our podcast that ended when he went back to school in September ’17 and that is how this site came to be. What you may not know is this site was originally going to be run by him and I with the plan of us getting writers. Long story short almost all of the writers fell through except for Richie who did Fantasy Football for us last season and it was very discouraging to me when everyone bailed. I wasn’t angry with them, I don’t hold a grudge, for the most part these were people who reached out to me to write and then just didn’t.

Moving into this past Spring my favorite website decided to do their annual “job search” I guess is the best way to put it. It’s called Barstool Idol and run by yes you guessed it Barstool Sports. If you don’t know who Barstool is you must be living under several rocks in the middle of the Atlantic but I was fortunate enough to be selected to fly to NYC and audition for them. A few thousand people applied and thirty were accepted so being in that group really meant a lot to me and boy did I blow it. If you want to watch it here but I was a nervous wreck and instead of promoting myself and how capable I am and what i can add to the company etc. I just started giving out facts about esports and it wasn’t helpful to my cause (Rone having me give them soda didn’t seem to help my either).

After bombing my audition Smitty came to talk to me and he was real nice and gave me his email and said to send sample blogs to him so that when they are looking again they have samples  of what I can do. Now I don’t know if I had the wrong email or if he was just too busy to respond but I never heard back from him, which is fine it isn’t his job to do so but that was kind of why I stopped writing altogether. I think I was looking for approval and not getting it just made me want to give up and yes I am aware that I’m a soft little snowflake.

The funny part is since I stopped writing I’ve watched more esports and learned more about the game itself but I always wanted to write and in the back of my head there was always a little voice telling me no one will see it, that it was a waste of time and honestly that little voice is probably right. Not many people will see this. Not many people will see the next blog I write either but I think I’m okay with that. Yes, I am still a soft ass little snowflake who hopes people read this. Yes, Barstool is my dream job and I would still like to work for them someday but if I don’t that is okay.

I’ll be blogging on here more frequently and this time I mean it. It won’t always be about esports, it might never be about esports it could just be about what happened to me at work or a funny video on Twitter or a viral story I don’t know yet. That is kind of the point though. I don’t know what this site will be. I don’t know if anyone will ever see this. I just don’t know and I’m okay with that.

If you’ve made it this far I appreciate it, check out my Twitter sometimes I’m funny on there @EJS_4. Today is voting day so naturally I’ll be a day late but I will have something tomorrow with my thoughts on voting and the pressure in this social media world to get out and vote. Look out for that.


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