My Thoughts on Voting During Social Media Era

I told you I’d be back and here I am. No I know I’m surprised too but lets get into it. Now like most things nowadays this is a somewhat touchy subject and everyone has their own opinion on it. With that being said I don’t really care what your opinion is so no need to send it to me on Twitter.

I don’t vote. I never have and I don’t plan on voting any time soon. The only time you see me voting is on a Twitter poll thats asking who my favorite Breaking Bad character is. I don’t vote because I don’t want to do something that is pointless. Voting is pointless. Your voice does NOT matter. Now if certain things change within the voting system and if the US government wasn’t as sketchy as a Russian hooker than maybe I’ll reconsider but until then I’m chillin.

In 2016 they told us to go out and let your voice be heard and what did we do? We went out and we voted (not me but you idiots went and voted). Now class what happened? Donald Trump became President. I don’t need Jill from Alabama try and explain what the Electoral College is I get it. I disagree with it but I get it. In the last three presidents two of them didn’t win the popular vote. So, the majority of you wasted your time and should’ve just stayed home cause your vote might as well been written on a dollar bill and thrown away.

I understand that this year is different and your vote matters just a little bit more. Honestly I’m not writing this to get you not to vote because I couldn’t give a fuck about what any of you do. I am just sick of Twitter asking if I want to make a tweet to remind my friends if I want to vote. YouTube reminding me to vote. All of these apps I use to stay secluded because I don’t like people wanting me to go exercise this great American right that I could give a fuck about.

Stop pressuring people to go out and vote, leave strangers alone. I saw a story this weekend of some lady talking to gas station clerk asking her if she is voting. What in the holiest of fucks lady? Mind your own business. You know what happened next? This lady asked this strangers manager if she could get a break and go register to vote?? Are you fucking high.

If you want to vote go and do it. Stop making people feel bad for not caring about the same shit as you. I won’t tell you why you shouldn’t vote so don’t tell me why I should.

If you are voting go and vote for yourself. I hate that people don’t use their fucking brains. “Vote for so and so cause shes is a women” “Vote for this guy because he’s a Democrat”. No. Vote for whos policies you agree with the most. Being a Women or being a minority doesn’t mean you can only vote for a women or a minority and stop letting strangers on the internet tell you otherwise. Don’t vote for a Republican because “those damn liberals are soft police hating snowflakes” vote for a Republican cause you believe in them. All of this is vice versa obviously if you want to vote for Jane Doe then do it because you believe in her not because she is a Black women with an eye patch.

My mini little rant is over. There won’t be much political stuff on the site but i felt like it fit in with what is currently going on in the world. Hope you enjoyed and if you did my Twitter is @EJS_4 but if you didn’t enjoy it I do NOT have a Twitter.



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