The Messiah Returns

Alright so here it is. I’m putting it all out there. I’m not making promises anymore, clearly I can’t keep them anyway. I’m not doing this just because I want a job at Barstool, tried that and failed. I am going to start this up one final time for myself and I see the numbers people still for some fucking reason read this site. No more excuses I’m just gonna do it. No time table on posts, no pressure on myself I’m going to blog because I honestly just love writing.

Sappy shit aside tomorrow the NFL championship games are happening and admittedly I haven’t watched much NFL this season. I’m a Patriots fan so the season simply doesn’t start until January but I also haven’t been very interested in football the last two seasons. I watched a few games last week and I’m all in for the rest of the playoffs.

I do believe in the Rams but I’d be a lot more confident if they were playing the Eagles instead of the Saints. Thanks to Alshon Jeffery that won’t be happening. I won’t be using stats to back anything up because fuck you so with that being said I think the stars have aligned for the Saints and I’m guessing they’ll take this one and head to the Super Bowl.

Final prediction: Saints 31-27. Close down the stretch but never really in doubt.

I’ve gone back and forth all season on who I have for MVP but I think it has to be Kermit. Mahomes is just a monster and I’m not sure if this will be the norm or if it’s an anomaly but either way he’s electric. There are some things you just don’t pick against though. Tom Brady when he feels slighted and plays with a chip on his shoulder is one of those things. ESPN was running around saying he’s washed up. Every analyst picked the Chargers. They’ll pick KC. They’ll poke the bear. They’ll only have themselves to blame when the Pats are going to yet another Super Bowl.

Like I said to start this blog I’ll upload more when I can. End of story. Thanks for the support even in my long absence.



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