Did PJ Tucker Have a Stroke Mid Game?

In tonights 114-110 win over the Knicks, known Lebron stopper (HA), PJ Tucker of the Rockets very clearly had a small stroke during the game.

I mean what else would you call that? Brain fart? In what world does Tucker think the right move here is to throw his hands up and stare at the ball like it just stole his favorite truck at recess? Only possible situation is he had a stroke. I mean that is just what happened, end of story. Just like all of you I hope after the hospital visit the he can return to play at a higher mental rate.

Sadly i don’t think Mike D’Antoni is as sensitive to the situation as we all are.

Thoughts and Prayers for PJ. If he didn’t go to the hospital because of the stroke he went from the mauling D’Antoni gave him in the locker room after the game.

One more angle for the kids in the back.



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