Blackpink In Your Area

Before three or four days ago I had only ever listened to one KPop song and it was “Popstars” by Soyeon and Miyeon of G-Idle and Madison Beer. Popstars is more or less a promotional song for the K/DA skins that League of Legends put out and I really enjoyed the song but I never ventured any deeper into the world that is KPop. Fast forward to now and I have been obsessed over Blackpink. The last couple of days I have spent more time then I am willing to admit watching reaction videos to their songs and it has gotten out of hand.

Like any artist or band/group I don’t like every song I’ve heard but a majority of the songs fuckin bang and I don’t just like them, I love them. Yesterday the group released “Kill This Love” and it’s just wild. I’m not a huge pop fan in general but I love rap and hip hop so when Lisa raps I’m all in. She’s really out here with a wild flow. Jennie is just an absolute rocket ship and there’s nothing else to say on that. Jisoo and Rosè are great singers but like I said I’m just not into pop like that.

I don’t speak Korean and that was my main reservation to giving any KPop a chance because I wanted to know what was being said but you can just hear the talent. Worst case scenario you can watch the videos with captions on but half of the songs they do in English. The transition from Korean to English is insane.

My favorite tracks would be “Boombayah”, “ddu du ddu du” and “Solo” by Jennie but Kill This Love” is probably 4th.

From the production to the singing itself it’s all great but the biggest takeaway I’ve had is the visuals put everything we’re doing in America to shame. It’s not even close. Make Music Videos Great Again America come on.

Here is the official video to “Kill This Love”, my favorite part is Jennie and Lisa rapping together with Lisa rapping solo a close second but the entire song is amazing. Rosè in-particular kills her vocals and as per usual the visuals and the dancing are something special.



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