Vicious Flagrant by Embiid Leads to Ejections

Someone needs to arrest Joel Embiid immediately, he almost killed Allen here and we shouldn’t stand for it. He has bullied and abused too many players and I say no more!

In reality this is pretty obviously a common foul that looks worse if you don’t have the right angle on it. I love Dudley and Butler getting ejected because of it though. If you’re Dudley and you think Joel just got his second flagrant this series and from Dudley’s angle it probably looked pretty bad then you gotta run up on Embiid. In the same boat if you’re tough guy Jimmy Butler and bum ass Jared Dudley starts fucking with Embiid you have to try and murder him. Those are just the rules.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the league suspends Dudley for game 5 and not Butler. I do think we need to take a look at the officials, there seems to be so much inconsistency among some of these foul calls. This isn’t about the ejections we’re past that, keep up. It seems much more blatant in this series then the others but there could legitimate fist fights under the hoop and no call but someone running through a screen will get a foul.

They didn’t call it but Embiid flopped after someone ran through his screen and if that ever gets called I’m putting a hit on the ref. I want that on the record.

Stephen Jackson also thinks the refs need to change but in a different sense.

Lastly, Dudley might need security when he goes to Philly.


Post game update.


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