Was TF Blade Wrongfully banned?

Popular League of Legends streamer TF Blade was banned by Twitch yesterday (pretty sure it was yesterday) after they received multiple reports of him saying the n word.

He says he said idiots, Twitch says they heard the n word. Here is the clip, I can’t find the original so this is edited by a fan.

Personally, I hear idiots. TF Blade does have an accent and at times mumbles during his stream if that adds any context. I’m not a TF Blade fan so I am coming at this with an unbiased opinion of him and I think he pretty clearly says idiots especially taking into account his accent, how fast he talks and the mumbling.

Apparently the YouTube auto captions think they know what he said…

A lot of riot employees and fellow streamers are voicing their opinion on the matter and defending TF Blade and honestly I haven’t seen one person who actually thinks he said the n word. As someone who is on twitch pretty consistently it’s funny to see stuff like this. The chat itself is so bad on some channels and nothing happens to those users, also if anything does it’s never like an IP ban so they just make a new free account. There are also some smaller channels who just go under the radar who say some wild shit and I know Twitch can’t do much if they don’t get reports but the current system is a joke.

Here is a quote from TF Blade, including the response email from twitch to his appeal.

What do you hear?



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