Celtics are Fucked

If I haven’t made it clear from the home page or any of my previous posts I am a Boston sports fan and like myself, my teams are winners. Boston is better at everything than your city and I am better than you, sorry but thems the breaks. Now that you are all caught up and have remembered the facts of the world I’m going to tell you the truth… the Celtics are in trouble. I don’t even mean this series, this series is fucking over. I am worried for the future of the Celtics.

I’ve been very vocal that I think Kyrie will stay in Boston but my concerns are there whether he stays or goes. Unless I am completely wrong the Celtics can’t sign anyone to replace Kyrie, it is Kyrie or bust. If he walks we can NOT trade for AD you just have to go full in on the young guys and probably tank. There is no point in being the 5-10 seed, get home court or tank. And honesty I don’t know if we can build with Tatum, I get the Sophomore slump and shit but he looks bad. Like really really bad.

So Kyrie has to stay and we have to trade for AD (or a player of similar caliber) or it is just this year all over again and I love good competitive basketball but the goal is to win a title not make the playoffs. Secretly I don’t think I even want Davis after the whole shirt incident at the end of the year, it isn’t that he was immature and wore the shirt it was that he said he doesn’t dress himself. He’s 26.


I just really wanted the Boston sweep and it upsets me we aren’t gonna get it because the Celtics stink.


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