Have the Knicks traded Zion before even getting the pick?

That’s a lot of new and somewhat surprising information. Shams says if the Knicks get the number 1 overall pick tonight they will look to package Zion and Kevin Knox for Anthony Davis. Holy shit. There’s a few things here, if Zion is as good as we expect him to be this might go down as one of the wildest trades if all time but if the Knicks get KD and Kyrie as some people expect do they instantly become the favorites in the East next year?

Stephen A. Smith says KD and Kyrie going to NYK is basically a done deal and if that’s the case I don’t hate trading for Zion but man that is A LOT of ifs. Especially with the rumors that Kyrie has been talking to Lebron about joining him in LA.

What pick would New Orleans say no to is my question. Let’s keep it with the Knicks, they have a 14% chance to get the first overall pick and can’t get anything lower then the 5th pick so at what point does NO just say no. I would say 3 or later and on the condition that the Suns get the first pick and take Ja Morant like they’re rumored to do. If I’m the Pelicans I think I can get a better deal than Kevin Knox, RJ Barret for arguably a Top 5 player in the league. Honestly, that trash Lakers offer is a better offer in my opinion.



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