LCS put its foot down with Echo Fox

Earlier this month TMZ reported that Echo Foxes Founder, former NBA player, Rick Fox would step down from the organization if one of the partners wasn’t removed after using racist language towards the orgs former CEO.

“This has been my life. This has been my passion. I’m not looking to go anywhere, but I will not stay in business with a racist. I just won’t.” Fox said to TMZ.

Today, after the LCS finished their preliminary investigation, a statement was released calling for Amit Raizada to be removed from the org in the next 60 days or the LCS will take further action.

I mean this is the most straight forward shit ever. Being a racist or using racial slurs towards someone isn’t okay, I feel like that’s obvious especially when it comes to high up business men running million dollar companies. I understand that racism exists and even if you are racist how does saying slurs to someone in an email make any sense to you? I’d be shocked if Echo Fox waits long before firing Amit but stranger things have happened, I would really hate for Rick Fox to step down because the org doesn’t take appropriate actions.



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