NA Reigns Supreme (LoL)

Team Liquid has been nothing short of dominant in domestic play led by Doublelift but as we all know NA as a region and Doublelift in particular struggle at international events… until now. TL has had a strangle hold over North America recently and with their new additions this season (Jensen in Mid and CoreJJ as Support) they look to become the international powerhouse we need.

With their 3-1 series win over the reigning World Champion Invictus Gaming, TL advances to the finals and await either SKT or G2. Before we look at the potential finals matchup I just have to say, as a relatvely new LoL fan, this win was kind of emotional for me. I did NOT cry but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little emotional. I have a normal job and couldn’t watch live, thanks Riot, so even knowing that TL won I still wasn’t prepared and part of me didn’t really believe that they dethroned IG. I’m a TL fan and even before signing with the team Jensen was my favorite player so all of this was just amazing for me.

Looking towards the finals I’m not sure who I would want to win between G2 and SKT, on one hand SKT is one of the best orgs of all time and could imagine if an NA team won their first international title by beating Rookie and then the GOAT himself Faker? I would die. On the other hand, beating EU at anything is always a good feeling. I think SKT is the favorites to not only beat G2 but to win MSI all together and the story/lore of this years TL team dethroning two foreign juggernauts would be too sweet to pass on. My hope prediction is TL beating SKT 3-2.

We just witnessed the greatest upset in League of Legends history, now lets cement our name in the history books. Go TL, go NA.

“[Doublelift] will carry me in NA, and I will carry him internationally” – Jensen

Here are the links to TL vs IG if anyone would like to watch the vods.

Game 1.

Game 2.

Game 3.

Game 4.



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