Jensen Vs. Caps, The Battle within the War

G2 proved to be too much for SKT so we will get an all western MSI Finals and I’m very excited about it. Like I said before I’m new to not only competitive league but LoL itself (I’ve only been playing for about two years). I was excited to see C9 go so far at worlds last year but as a TL fan I’m ecstatic to see them not only win MSI but to beat an EU team in the finals is a wet dream.

There’s a lot on the line in this series but what people aren’t talking about is the battle that is going to go down in the mid lane. Jensen and Caps are both on new teams this season and have beaten the worlds best midlander (Rookie) and the GOAT himself (Faker), respectively. I’ve thought about it long and hard, I’ve come to the conclusion that… there’s no fucking way Jensen loses this. Jensen lost to Fnatic Caps but that ugly rat fuck will NOT beat Jensen twice. No chance someone who looks like Randall from Recess beats a stud like Jensen.

This series will not only determine who wins MSI, it will not only determine who the true western powerhouse is it will determine the best western mid as well. Everyone say it with me now… fuck EU.



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