This is the official site for all things Best Losers related. If you are unfamiliar with us first thanks for checking out the site and second (the important part) we focus on sports (NBA, NFL mostly), music (Hip Hop, RnB) and video games. Some examples of what we do on the site are: blog posts whether it be current events, video game news, sport news, music everything; vlog posts, fantasy football weekly videos, The BLP Documentary and various other randomness.


If you would like to apply for a writer position email us at bestloserspod@gmail.com. Send either an article you’ve written or an example post if you have not yet been published. Make sure to include the types of blogs you’d be posting, be specific (don’t just say sports, list the specific sport and/or team. EX: NBA, Celtics).


If you are interested in joining the BLP network and starting your own podcast send an example episode to bestloserspod@gmail.com (links only not a file).


We are also looking for an intern to edit the podcast.